• i hate rich people because they are rich and i am not!.. hmpf! ....
  • Fact from fiction, truth from diction. The love hate relationship between the rich and the poor is quite enigmatic. The poor, I believe, loath the rich more than the other way around. As much as those who are not rich hate the rich, should they have a windfall and become rich, they won't give away all the money to stay where they are. Those who are not rich envy the rich for what they can do and have, but are also frustrated over their own failings. Rather then admit that they were not willing to take the risk or had the savviness to succeed. So they create all sorts of myths about the rich to make them feel better about their lot. By believing the rich are rude, selfish, miserable people with poor ethics. The rich gets blame for animals being wiped out and forest being cleared and then some. People have never been taught HOW to be rich just to get a job (just over broke) and claw their way up the ladder. The rich appear to be smarter and no one wants to admit it so the rich cheated their way to riches.
  • it is somewhere right in the middle. news shows us by the minute thru each daty week year etc that rich get richer by lying cheating stealing per se. im sure many ppl dont hate all rich just those we see 25 hrs a day getting rich by hurting ppl and them even expressing those poor ppl suck etc. aig supports soccer teams around the world on us tv . then they want and need us tax dollars to pay there ceos bonuses . so now broke rich ppl get richer?thats uncannyily just wrong and weird. im a gamer a guy named kotick just made millions u kknow why im mad at him? he litterally shot down and destroyed and bought up every lil cool gaming desighners product and trashed them so no new cool games, u play world or warcraft or his call of duty or guitar hero thats it. soooo they cheated or he did and explains he likes to run his bussiness out of fear. this is childrens games desighned and run thru fear, poor mario has them puttin ghte whip to them. gl i feel sorry for them all but whats worse?, no new cool games .
  • it´s how they get rich
  • I don't hate the rich at all. There should be legislation enacted to curb the corporations, but rich people themselves are all right. Everyone here has the dream, and it's a good one. The rich sometimes do whine a lot. They should try having the same problems and have my income. I think they'd realize quickly that being rich is good. Now, the rich kisser-uppers, the neo-cons. . .I could live every day without hearing, seeing, or knowing about that sorry lot.
  • Hmmm, let's see: narcissism materialism tax protection classism based on fortune and not class separate justice for them that have and them that don't separate school systems and health care corporate bailouts and local foreclosures and that's just for starters.
  • I think it's because the rich people that are most heard about are on the news, so they probably did something bad. The people who I know that are wealthy basically work really hard and dedicate their life to doing one thing. They take risks and usually are failures before they become successful. You have to admire that kind of dedication and work ethic. Come to think of it, most news stories are about people doing bad things, so no wonder many people think the world is worse off than it is. Maybe it's more important to talk to your neighbors than watch the TV :/
  • Because of how some of them gain their wealth and what they are doing with it (especially those that are THE MOST wealthy). And people tend to associate the whole group with those few that are the most prominent.
  • Many of them acquired their wealth in very questionable circumstances. +2
  • Well I wouldn't consdier myself rich. Born working class, spiraled into poverty, worked wayyyyyyy harder than most to achieve I made capitalism work for me, and I don't apologize for it. I didn't lie, cheat or steal. The only 'rich' ppl shown in the news are the cheats. It is like anything else, ppl love to generalize, and hate what they choose not to be. It is easier to whine and bitch than to change their status in life
  • It's jealousy. Money equals power equals independence equals freedom etc.
  • I don't believe the rich are "hated" all that much; I think there are those who are just insanely jealous of the extremely wealthy, and that jealousy sometimes appears to manifest itself as hatred, in the eyes of others. Some folks erroneously believe that the wealthy have some kind of "mandate" or "obligation" to share their wealth with others, even if "the others" are total strangers. There is no requirement whatsoever, for rich people to be kind or giving to others, is there? And if they were to share their wealth with others too often, how long do you think they would HAVE their wealth? +5
  • Maybe because they have a different justice system than the middle or lower class. They can buy their way out of things. Their actions are not as important because their consequences are less severe than someone with less money. If someone in the lower class assaulted another person, they might get ten years, but if someone very wealthy did the same, they might get ten hours (of community service). I have friends that are *rich* and some of them are very nice and generous (as most people are) and then some will not even offer to buy a round of drinks after some have been bought for them. I also think that many associate the rich with celebrities, and who doesn't hate many of those useless people who just happen to have more money than they could ever spend and can continue to act like the biggest slut, drug addict, etc. and there are never any real consequences for them (i.e. Paris Hilton to name just one-what talent) If you look hard enough, you can see who actually worked their way to the top through dedication and the proper channels and those who took advantage of every person for self gain. The news tends to focus on the latter but should use the former as role models for others as those have a vast greater majority of more respectable people. As stated by another answer, success is built on failure. However, if you have the finacial backing to fail as many times as possible you will eventually have or do something that is successful. Most people only get one or two tries. q:)
  • Pure unadulterated immature jealousy.
  • The blame is they corrupted our government and justice system beyond hope.They also pay millions to try getting an agenda thru.
  • Misplaced anger and jealousy. If they are going to hate somebody/something, an appropriate target would be the economic system that allows such unequal accumulation of wealth and difficulty breaking out of poverty. Individual rich people are easier to hate than the structure that allowed the wealth distribution in the US. Oh, I am just above the poverty line.
  • they might be jealous

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