• I am a moderate conservative on what I believe should be law, strong conservative in my personal life... I need someone close to me in both catigories. I do not care if opposites attract, similarities bind.
  • I think it would cause a lot of conflict. I think it could work if you agree on the main issues and keep your political opinions to yourself for the most part. I think if one or both were strong on one end r the other, thats where i think issues would come up.
  • Sure! I'm independent so it's not a huge step either way.
  • no, not me
  • Of course. If I love this other person and they love me then we both have to accept and appreciate the interests and views the other has. Plus if we agreed on everything how boring would THAT be?
  • I really could care less what ANYONE'S political views are! I am so damned serious about that, too!
  • It would be hard for me to find an opposite in that regard. I find people who blindly follow ideology somewhat annoying regardless of whether it is liberal or conservative. I am not a member of a party and never will be. I have dated liberal and conservative women. I find that most women, except for the fanatical extremes, don't focus on politics as the primary thing in their lives. I find liberal women are easier to deal with if you disagree on an issue and tend to be quicker to agree to disagree. Conservative women are more likely than liberal to take a "You are either with me or against me" stance, but honestly, only the fanatics tend to go that far on most issues. i was married to a woman who by most standards would be seen as conservative and once engaged to a total hippie liberal. I am pro-choice but have dated pro-lifers. I think letting politics rule your life is a bad idea.
  • sure...opposites usually attract
  • As political and religious beliefs form the decisions made on a daily basis and are the foundation of your value system ~ in a word, no.
  • You mean give in to the evils of bipartisanship? Perish the thought!!!!! </sarcasm>
  • I definitely think it's possible but it also depends on how passionate each person is about their party. If you get even one person that is super passionate about their parties and their beliefs, they could end up offending the other person and it could be a big 'ol mess.
  • Ultimately, I don't think it would work. Political beliefs usually reflect one's personal values, and if I were married to someone with different values, we'd have many disagreements on fundamental issues.
  • it dont matter. there are far more important issues in a marriage.
  • lol...I have to laugh at this: I am conservative (leaning toward middle of road) my hubby SAYS he is a Democrat BUT he is against abortion, against gun control and againstEVERYTHING the dems represent. I think he just cant call himself a republican because he hates George w. Bush.
  • Been there, done that... TWICE... My ex and my wife are both Democrats... I'm REGISTERED Republican (though I don't ALWAYS vote that way).
  • Definitely... I don't have an opposite, since although I have strong opinions, I am not aligned to any party, but I could marry someone who strongly supported a particular party or had a strong ideology. My parents and I all have very strong political opinions, and they are often completely different from one another. So I have grown up around that and it has made for some interesting discussions and arguments around the dinner table =) I could continue that on in my marriage, no probs. It would be much easier to agree with my future hubby though!

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