• I think that sometimes we have a hard time understanding each other,men and women,and also people in general who think differently from one another.That's good that you have a large understanding of the opposite sex.Use it wisely.:)*+++++*
  • i think the reason some men dont understand women is becuz most women are so complex.. i even know some women that don't even understand themselves..lolz and kudos to u for taking time out to understand woman =)
  • It is difficult to understand women, because women like to play mindgames.
  • I don't understand most woman, and I am a woman. Its always been much easier for me to figure out men, and even when you can't figure a man out they don't get all neurotic when you don't, which is precisely why I generally hang out with men. Generally when I hang out with woman I get neurotic behavior complaining about how her man doesn't understand her, in which my sympathetic answer is like well quit pretending your a damn rubix cube and talk about what you need.
  • Your claim that you "understand women" is ample proof that you do not understand them at all. There are nearly 4 billion women in the world. Each and every one is an individual, and not ONE of them comes with an owners' manual.
  • I guess many men just don't care enough, or listen to women enough........not sure. +5
  • Here's your quiz: What's it like to have menstrual cramps? What's it like to have a vagina? What's it like to give birth?
  • 9-12-2017 Men and women are different. They are different right down to the chemicals in their cells. Men think they understand women, and they do, from the male viewpoint. Men do not complain about women failing to understand men. The only mystery is why women think men should understand from the female viewpoint, as Linda Joy illustrates. A man does not need to know how menstruation feels, he only needs to know that his lady hurts and he must take care of her.

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