• they outsource to save money by paying less for the service and if outsourcing to a private vendor the company does not have to pay insurance and such.
  • Cheaper labor costs.
  • No health insurance costs.
  • The labor cost less for a particular task to be done. More of a certain thing can get done at a cheeper price than the employees that have been doing it forever.
  • Application outsourcing, infrastructure outsourcing and business process outsourcing are some of the common outsourced activities. The initial driver for outsourcing was cost savings. Although still an important consideration, companies are becoming much more strategic about outsourcing, seeking benefits such as value creation, operational flexibility and competitive advantage when considering what services to outsource. For more info -
  • Companies outsource to get high-quality services at a cost-effective price. A professional virtual assistant for example provides administrative, creative, and/or technical services for a certain company at a lower price if outsource.
  • Reduces costs.
  • Outsourcing occurs when the internal resource of the company is not enough to meet the demands on a certain project. They hire IT consulting services for outsourcing. Benefits includes control capital cost, reduction of labor cost and work efficiency. OIT2P
  • Companies that outsource are looking or seeking benefits such as low costs of service to the business,increase production of product through the additional capability brought by the supplier and a lot more. Business process outsourcing which is a form of outsourcing enhances or aims to help to increase the company's flexibility in its resource management.
  • No healthcare, union, stupid laws. Just employee pay.

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