• Like the past, only less sweet.
  • harder.. more expensive.. $12 per gallon of gas
  • more expensive!
  • it would be a POOR life no money. i dont think im stayn in the USA much longer after what i seen what the other countries got i think im moven. :D
  • Depends on how far in the future but it will probably be a war zone the way things are turning out now.. or we'll have flying cars, find cures for everything live to be 400 years old then grow so smart we evolve into pure energy beings...then ill probably be a war
  • Better! trust me :P
  • tell you when the future becomes the present!
  • more technology everywhere,and more expensive..also more people as well..
  • I don't know, but space colonies in the skies above seem to me like a good possibility. We may have space cars, like the Jetsons, as well as being able to see the person whom we're calling. This would cure overpopulation, and, joke, Please G-d, give us a place to go if the world blows up with man still alive then. Anyway, this fix for overpopulation would last until the end of the universe, as would solar energy. We just celebrated the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 and Neil Armstrong's stepping on the moon. Space colonies would also be a "giant leap for mankind." Finally, quite literally, the sky's the limit. However, I don't believe that literally the sky is a limit. I believe the universe has a closed limit, but it's not as close as it looks, appearing to be the sky above. END.
  • Based on past experience, I'd rather reserve any comment until "the future" arrives. (that would

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