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  • She takes shots at my daughter because that is my vulnerable side + 5
  • okay - what is an s/o??
  • Brings up past mistakes on my part +3
  • the problem is what they don't say.. sitting there no talking or trying to get the issues resolved..
  • Nothing. If you don't react when they push your real buttons they don't ever learn which buttons work. LOL!
  • When I was in a relationship it was the "silent treatment". Things can't get fixed it they aren't talked out. +5
  • Luckily, I don't have a S/O!
  • It's never been WHAT she says but that she'll take the most insignificant thaing and completely destroy a weekend over it. I can sit and listen for hours and she'll just keep going. The very worst is going well into the night when I have to get up early for work. That really get's my goat. I'm extremely patient but come midnight I've had enough and it get's a bit loud (actually, "louder" is more fitting).
  • Say something about my boys, LOL, I am like a Momma bear. RaWR!
  • "I dont want to talk about that right now, we can sort it out tomorrow"......
  • you are just like your mother
  • My husband says little, its the "smile" of condensending nature that pushes me over the edge with him. Its the "smirk" that grazes the side of this mouth that makes me wonder "WTF". So I figured well lets see who can play this "game". Now I do exactly as he does, "smile" and walk away, inverable he will look at me and say "Is there something I need to know about here" I just "smirk" and keep on with my daily routine, love is grand isn't it?
  • I prefer to let that stuff go and pay more attention to what I do that bothers him so that I can change it if I need to. Things I've noticed that bother him are when I say things like "Are you still mad at me?", "I don't want to talk about it right now", "Can we talk about this later?" and stuff like that. He's the kind of guy who wants things dealt with NOW, no matter if it's in public or not.
  • Fine or Whatever. Its rude and disrespectful, and is definitely "NOT" going to stop the fight.
  • Nothing! He just stares at me. That is very annoying.
  • Nothing. My s/o picks me up off the edge every time i try to throw myself over it. Sometimes it takes him a long time, but he always does come and save me from myself.
  • Its not what he says but when he starts laughing because my cheeks turn red when I'm mad. Or when he doesnt want to argue he says "Ellie, m'love, you look very beautiful when your angry". Then I usually go and pout in the bath for a few hours.
  • Stop punching me!!!

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