• No, I have never worn jeans. I am from Japan and wear kimono. When I wear American clothing, I wear skirts or dresses.
    • Ice man
      Oh, are you from Japan ? We hadn't noticed .... Have you mentioned that 430 times yet ? It's really, really helpful when you want to distract attention from your "other" accounts ... Just sayin'.
    • Venus1485
      Why do so amny trolls say other people have several accounts? Ice man must believe Jenny-Rizzo's lies that slander people she hates for not sharing her dumb beleifs.
  • When I was a kid I wore holes in jeans quickly. So, as an adult, I started wearing Dickies work pants. They were good for over 10 years and never developed holes. Actually, I need to replace them now because they are getting holes in the pockets from the wad of keys I carry.
  • not any more
  • no, i dont wear them much
  • No, I never wear such sloppy casual wear for manual laborers. I wear dress clothing.

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