• Why don't you ask your priest? I'm sure he can explain the whole thing to you, particularly, if you are a boy under 15
  • Yes, they exist, and have existed for millenia. Read about King Saul and the Witch of Endor in the Bible. Spells do work, but 'real' spells are more akin to prayer than a magic act.
  • Yup, they do exist. I just know a little about it, but they do practice spells in much the same way Christians pray. They use many more objects in their 'prayer' that are holy items to them. If the spells work is open to scrutiny though. Personally, I have seen both spells and prayer work.
  • Wicca is a relatively modern movement (started in the UK in the 1950's or thereabouts). They claim pre-Christian roots but there is really no evidence to support that. Wiccans also call themselves witches and that's doubtless one of the attractions for some. Basically it's a nature religion that has three main goddesses or aspects on one goddess (apart from sex, sound familiar?). The religion has strong female leadership. No - spells don't work any more than any other kind of magic. Of course some Wiccans will probably tell me otherwise here. But no objective test has ever shown them to be more effective than prayer - or doing nothing at all. +5
  • Oh, yes, witchcraft and witches really exist. I made the mistake of dating one once... never doing THAT again... But in any case, if they did not exist, why are we instructed in the Word not to allow a witch to live? Don't worry, I didn't kill my ex... I'm sure the Lord understands why... but that's what the Bible says. And it doesn't give instruction for no reason. Bottom line: Wicca has been around for a looong time, in addition to other witchcraft practitioners. They consider themselves practitioners of so-called, "White magic," because they don't deliberately attempt to harm anyone. However, it is still witchcraft.
  • They're as real as Christ's virgin mom, exorcisms, and the pope making blood appear in a vial
  • you might be more familiar with medicine man, or witch doctor, or shaman...these are all forms of wicca in one way or another. is a great source for understanding words.
  • The chances increase exponentially if one blindly believes! ;-)
  • The term "wicca" refers indirectly to a loose system of nature worship that is probably the oldest religion in existence. When the Roman Catholic church came into power it embarked on a large-scale campaign to systematically exterminate its competition by vilifying it in the public eye and burning/hanging its practitioners as "heretics". This is why the popular image of the Christian devil has horns and goat legs, a distortion of the "pagan" male-aspect deity. This is why "witches" are commonly portrayed as ugly and evil. I am neither Wiccan nor Catholic, but I imagine that the spells work about as well as prayers do.
  • Yes, witches and witchcraft exist. Whether spells work is a matter of viewpoint, much the same as whether or not prayer works. I have seen spells work, but that doesn't mean you'd believe that they had, you know what I mean?
  • As you believe. +5
  • WiCCA is about incantations and magic, just like hocus-pocus (transubstantiation), miracles, and invisible spirits, all of which are popular in Christianity & Catholicism.  

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