• Because it's pretty reasonable to assume you have your own spoon. The kind of wooden spoon that comes with malt cups is mostly a nostalgia thing, but they probably wouldn't work with pudding/jello anyway. For pudding, you can peel the lid off and curve it to use as a spoon... but my favorite method is to bite a hole in the lid near the rim and just suction it all out. Pudding and jello both.
  • Yeah,that's a good question! They should add one on each cup to make it easier to access,because not all people have spoons readaly available to them at all times,and such,you know?*+++++*
  • Sounds like a damn good business idea to me.
  • well for jello i carefully place it into my hand and eat off it...sometimes. but i think they don't do it is becuz u would buy it if u had a spoon wouldn't u? they probably wouldn't want to waste their time adding spoons when its suppose to be the spoon company's job
  • I know they have "GoGurt" the squeezable yogurt, couldn't they make the same kinda thing for pudding? They'd probably charge alot more for it, though. Stingy snack food company bastards!!!
  • It would be entirely too convenient for them to give us spoons with our food. They have an entire scheme with spoon manufacturing companies to double their money by making the consumer pay separately for their food and spoons and they make the spoons so fragile so that they break frequently so you have to buy more and more often. Can anyone say GOVERNMENT COVER-UP? =P
  • Because it would be as bad an idea as "free" disposable shopping bags although I suppose there would be less waste in a disposable spoon than a disposable jello cup
  • I have spoons... don't need more.
  • Because it creates more garbage and makes the product more expensive.
  • Just use your tongue for gods sake! lol
  • tonguexercise

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