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  • Hey, I am a male, and I think it is impportant, that if you are willing to please him with head, he should do like wise. If he refuses, then NO head for him. Why not try, to each do it to each other at the same time, that way, if he only goes lightly on you, you do the same to him. Why should one get the great service and not the other? Give to him only what he gives to you.
  • I have had the same problem for 33 years. I just gave up as when I ask why all I get is "oh, I do it sometimes" He gets head EVERY time. Don't make my mistake. Persist with the conversation and if necessary INSIST on knowing what the problem is. Life is too short ahd oral sex is such heaven, you deserve it.
  • He obviously doesn't like pussy. I don't like dick. If you ever need someone to go down on you...I'm the one. I would seriously think twice about the marriage cause eventually you are not gonna be satisfied.
  • Sounds like your boyfriend is an idiot. You deserve someone that will do that when ever you like. Myself and many othere love going down on a woman, he doesn't know what he is missing.
  • You need to stop going down on him and tell him you don't like doing that anymore. I'm sure he'll change his selfish additude.
  • maybe he will marry you and then bring a bi girl into the bedroom for you... who knows....
  • I've been going down on my wife almost every time we make love for over 30 years now. It's a regular part of our foreplay. I rub lotion into various parts of her body and kiss and lick her. Feeling her buns and pussy grinding against my face as I kiss and lick and tongue her is not only pleasing physicaly, but I also get an emotional high out of it just knowing that I'm bringing her that much pleasure. Sometimes she actually seems to vibrate. She purrs like a kitten. In all those years she's only had my dick in her mouth a half dozen times, and not for very long either. It's not because of my hygiene, as I almost always take a shower first. She's vague and evasive about giving a reason for not going down on me. I think that she thinks oral sex is dirty or perverse. She won't even kiss me on the mouth after I've eaten her out. I've often thought I should quit performing oral on her until she reciprocates, but that might mean that I would never get to taste her sweet pussy again, and I would really miss that. I feel sorry for you and your fiance, as you both are missing out on so much pleasure because of his selfishness.
  • So stop giving him oral sex. Women are too hung up on pleasing their men, that's why we fake orgasms.
  • my boyfriend is the same way. I hate it. I don't go down on him anymore because I feel cheated. I pretty much have to beg him to do it. It's been 1 year since he has done it and it drives me crazy!
  • I am a man and I "LOVE" performing cunnalingus! I believe if a man doesn't like the taste of a woman perhaps he wants a penis in his mouth instead. As a hetrosexual male I would give up all other forms of sex before I would stop going down on my woman. It's perfection!
  • I am not sure you should consider marrying this guy. You certainly deserve better. There is nothing as heavenly as taking in the marvelous scent before you start French kissing a woman's most intimate part.
  • sorry that is happening. I don't know what to tell you. If it where me I would be down there for hours unless you wanted me to stay longer
  • I would eat pussy every day!!!! I love everything about it!!! There is nothing better than bringing a woman to a climax with your mouth and having her squeeze the sh*t out of your head with her thighs!!! Wow, I'm getting a boner just thinking about it.... BTW, I would drop the guy. Any man too selfish to eat pussy is probably not someone you want to be tied to the rest of your life.
  • I think it's selfish, too! My boyfriend (of over four years! AAARGH!) won't go down on me. If he DOES (which is like, less than once a year since we've been together) he only does it for like, a minute... and of course he's always wanting ME to go down on him. Yeah, right! I really do enjoy giving oral sex, but not to him (since he refuses to reciprocate)! Anyway, 90% of the men I've been with before LOVED it and did it every time we'd have sex so I don't think this is a common issue with men at all. My boyfriend IS a selfish prick in just about every other aspect, too. I think we BOTH ought to go out and find new men. Pronto!
  • i've thought about this a lot... and i have decided that if your partner isn't ready to put his mouth where the money is hes not mature enough for a serious relationship or even to have sex with at all. this is a real life example of give and take, and if he isnt willing to do equal work and assure equal satisfaction thats not a person you want to be partners with. like it or not, sex is a metaphore for life and he is falling short. get rid of him, hes a child and a loser.
  • Some people like boobs more than a pussy. u wouldn't suck ur husband boobs would u? Although I might do the pussy job when I get married if my wife wants it so it could be mutual, I think suckin dick could be compared more to sucking boobs then pussy. just an opinion.
  • I have the same problem, ive been with my boyfriend for over 2 1/2 years and pleasure him regularly... and I think in our relationship, he has gone down on me maybe 10 times in over 2 years. I'm sick of talking to him about it becuase he just doesnt get it.... I don't know what to do
  • i think he's the first lad i've heard of that doesnt like to give oral sex... wierd... i just dont get turned on unless i give a woman oral.. i find it better than sex..
  • Stop giving him oral sex. Negotiate with him to also consider your needs. If he refuse to give you, then you should too.
  • Hate to say it but he sounds very selfish most guys are more then happy to go down on a lady knowing how much pleasure it brings her You should have a new rules he only gets oral if you get oral after, might sound mean but at least he should be able to get the message how badly you want him to go down on you!
  • He doesn't know the results; having your toes curled in squirming all over

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