• Most of them do. There are a handful of rabid man haters out there, but in any area you can always find freaks on the fringes. Just look at religion. ll of the "feminists" that I've known have only wanted equality.
  • I do. Claiming that women are superior is sexist, and sexism is somewhat contrary to what feminism is supposed to stand for.
  • A feminist is someone who believes in feminism which is that men and women are equal. Therefore feminism stands for equality and so I am sure they have no problem stating that.
  • I do believe that Men and Women are equal.
  • I can. I'm not sure what you are asking. I'm not physically equal to every man I meet, and not every man is equal to me, but the opportunities we have to achieve our individual potentials is equal.
  • Because you are smarter Yo:):):) Everyone knows that:)
  • Men and Women are not equals, but they deserve to be treated with equal opportunities, rights, and social standards.
  • Because men are still supposed to ask the girl out, contribute more for dinner, and propose. That doesn't sound like equality to me
  • I think that's what they do believe!
  • Neo-feminists say Women are better. I'm kind of old school
  • Most men work their eight hours come home and plop down on the couch. Most women work their eight hours the do laundry,cook dinner, clean the toilet,etc etc etc but on the plus side we got breasts and men don't. tee hee
  • they dont live in Orange County
  • No two people are equal. In regards to rights and liberties, yes we're equal. In regards to capabilities, obviously not.
  • I wasn't aware that I couldn't. They aren't treated equally by society, if that's what you mean. Stereotypes and biases are still firmly in place on both sides. Men, on average (and depending on the type of job) make about 5-15% more than women. Sorry, that's not equality. On the other hand, I think men are locked into more rigid societal codes of what qualifies as accepted, manly behavior. Also not equality. So I could say either, depending on the context in which the comment arises. (And probably would.)
  • They are equal. They are just not treated equally.
  • People are not equal in talent, ability, intellect, character. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. That means we are all at the same level because no one is perfect and no one is totally lame. Happy Monday! :)
  • pfft!!! everyone knows men have no equal! we are the masters of the universe!!!!!! I AM MAN HEAR ME FART!!!!!
  • Feminists DO say that men and women are equal. They want equality not superiority. In fact, many Feminists are men who also feel the same way. =) It is the minority - those identified as Radical Feminists who believe that women are superior. These are a different bunch, with a different ideology to Feminists.
  • That's exactly what they do say ... and they have to say it loudly in order to be heard sometimes!
  • i'm a woman. i find both sexes equal
  • Most of the feminists I know, or have known, believe in equality for men and women. This concept, gender equal rights, is basically a Western one. Most American feminists do say that there should be equality for all. It is the non-feminists who like to muddy the waters and say that most feminism is based on male bashing. All that aside, there are 2 things that should be addressed in matters of equality: no one is equal to anyone else - we are all uniquely individual. First we are unequal in matters of physicality and mental ability. Second, if humans could stop for a moment and consider EQUALITY for all as a human right, not a gender issue - we might actually all be able to agree on an outcome.
  • no comment. commenting on this is the fastest way to lose friends on AB. but men and women are equal. period. +2
  • for the love of god...I'm a female and at this stage I'm tired of feminists! I like to think men + women are equal, but its obviously not true from taking one look around.
  • wouldn't it be kind of boring if we were equal? i like to think that we are all worth somewhere around the same value; our talents and skills are simply different.
  • I believe that both men and women are equal and should be thought of that way. No one is better than the other in any way
  • I'm not a femenist, so I hope you don't mind me answering. :) I believe that men and women are equal. I just think that men and women are different, so people think that they aren't equal. I think that women don't have to be just like men to be equal. I just don't understand why some women think that. I think that you men are stronger than us and you can do a lot of things that women can't do as effectively as you can and some women can do things that men maybe couldn't do as well as us. I don't think that women should try to play the roll of men like some want to do. Just think, women want to run for president like men do, they want to be paid, like men do, some women want to go to war and be in combat, like men do. It just seems like women are trying to... well... turn into men. I think that we as women should accept that there are some things that men can do better and we should appreciate our femininity by embracing it.
  • They say it ONLY when it's to their advantage. So, I treat feminists just like I would a man. When it's to their disadvantage, they will pull out the female card. I ignore that.

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