• funny you should ask O wise woman, yes...actually...I have here is my story.
  • I remember getting harassed by one several years ago, because I was apparently too close to its nest.
  • A blue jay 1967 was not a pretty sight. a fight I lost for sure.
  • We had a few geese and they are the most ill tempered creatures. They actually have quite a good bite and will use their wings to beat you, not at all fun when they are PO'd. Thats okay though, they made a good meal :).
  • No. But I have been chased by a wild goat.
  • I got chased by some geese when I was little and a chicken nicked my pasty once.
  • Does a woman count as a bird?
  • yes. It pood on me
  • Yes... Where I worked, a couple of Canadian Geese (protected) had built a nest just outside the front door. Whenever I went to work, I had to keep an eye on the male (the female was nesting). There were a couple of times it came at me. And, once I was mowing my back yard for the first time in the Spring. It had gotten quite long. As I passed by a certain area in the yard, a bird dove at me and swooped away. I couldn't figure out what it was doing. Next pass, same thing. After a couple of passes it stopped, but I saw it on the power line, watching. Since it was so long, I had to mow it twice, once on high, then normal. The second time around, in the same area, I noticed a bird's nest with some broken eggs. Apparently, it had built the next on the ground in the grass. (Sorry, birdie... I didn't know.) And, we've gone to the park to feed the ducks and geese. Of course, if you don't get the bread out of the bag fast enough, they get POed, and try to rip the bag from your hand... ;-)
  • been chased by geese many times and pooped on by seagulls twice
  • Somewhat regularly. Mockingfirds and Bluejays are generally fairly agressively territorial, especially during mating season, and will dive bomb (om s harassing, not touching fashion) dogs, cats and humans. I feed them and wistle at them and generally they get to know me pretty quickly.
  • OOh yeah, but I got revenge. I pooped on him.
  • Well,....does a guy in a Big Bird costume count?...if so then was Halloween..go figure..
  • hit the deck!!! LOL! ;D
  • Not like that, but I did have a bird make a deposit in the Bank of Skirtsnhose's Head one day.
  • My sister house had a pigeon living in her attic with a nest and I through the eggs the window then it just flew at me and pecked all over me
  • the magpie got me, and the duck too ;) and then the emu took my lunch, but im not sure if that counts as attacking ;)
  • Yep!
  • Yes, I have been dive bombed by magpies, crows, and sparrows, and chased after by chickens, ducks, geese, and wild turkeys, and bit by my own parakeet that I got for my 13th birthday.
  • Yes. Many years ago whilst walking through a rainforest in Queensland I was chased by one of these beautiful beasties. Luckily I was able to run up a steep hill which it was unable to scale (they can't fly). All I saw on the bird at the time was the horn protruding from it's head but the claws are apparently the dangerous part. I scared me so much I had nightmares for weeks afterwards.

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