• No, as long as it feels right to me and we're in agreement... I see no problem with it. Everyone's human.
  • Hell no!
  • Not at all. I think that every time I have spent the night with another it was a joint desire. At times I was hopeful it would become long term. I also believe in magic in relationships where everything just seems to work out right.
  • Not necessarily-wait and see I suppose, but it would indeed cross my mind.
  • I don't know know how they can 'try' to take me home. They might ask me to come home with them. I would say no. If they respect that 'no' abd let it go then fine. But if they press the issue then I am out of there.
  • Not necessarily, but I wouldnt' get my hopes too high. This is what happened with me and my current S/O.
  • It all depends HOW he tried to take you home, and IF you said no, then it's a question of whether he pressed the issue or bowed out gracefully. I am a genuinely loving and caring boyfriend, but that does not mean that I don't have a sex drive like all men. If I'm attracted to a woman, especially on an emotional level, I will always try in a respectful way.
  • I don't date he/shes. LOL!
  • no because if you eat all the snacks in the kitchen you wont be hungry later..
  • It depends on what kind of person you and him/her are. If you feel comfortable then yes, there is long-term potential. However, if either is uncomfortable, then clearly there are some problems already.
  • I feel lucky, oh so lukcy! She's a keeper.
  • Yes, if someone is willing to sleep with someone after 1 night then what is to say that they havent done it lots before and wont do it again in the future, but if someone is willing to wait and see things out first then that shows in my own opinion that they have good morals and a good head on their shoulders
  • Hell no! Maybe I'm wrong, but I assume by saying "tries to take you home," you're really saying "tries to fuck you," so that's what I'm basing my answer on. Correct me and ignore the rest of this answer if I'm wrong. Anyway, it seems to me that if two mature individuals are both interested in fucking on the first date, then why would either parties discredit other said party on a long term relationship? Personally, if I wanted to fuck on the first date and she didn't or vise versa, I definitely wouldn't initially discredit the probably of a long-term relationship with said person. I would just assume we had different views on fucking. Know what I'm sayin? Lastly, there are people out there that are seriously addicted to fucking, so they probably would rather fuck before the date even started, but you shouldn't judge them for that... they just need help. Yeah?
  • How cute is she?
  • If you have a good vibe with the person it can work. Sometimes you click with someone on the first date, and it's as if you've known them forever. Just because someone asked you home on the first date, it doesn't mean that they do this all the time. I think it can work!
  • Just 'cause I ask a girl if she wants to come home with me after our first date doesn't mean that I'm gonna try to have sex with her. I mean...I'm not gonna try to NOT have sex with her, but to me, when you're chillin' at home with someone that's when you really get to know them. When you're out in public there's always the element of bashfulness in public that can limit the conversation, body language, and overall personality of that person.
  • Even if he just wants to take you home to show you his garden and offer a cup of coffee? =( ;)
  • Nope :)
  • i wouldnt totally discredit them. but i would be really reluctant to make any serious commitments. if your banging first night there is obviously some kind of chemistry. but how long that chemistry lasts and how committed this person is actually willing to be would take time, a lot of time, to convince me they are gf/bf material.
  • Not necessarily. It all has to do with chemistry. Sex certainly isn't always indicative of love.
  • Yes, probably. At that point, I would just consider them a short term date. IME, people who ask me to go home on the first night are usually not interested in deepening the relationship beyond the bedroom. I may be proved wrong one day, but am not holding my breath.
  • Noway. Almost every one night stand I have had ends up being either a relationship, or their perusal of a relationship. I don't think that open minded people consider that to be an issue.
  • no bacon likes to sizzle
  • Probably.

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