• Here, let me give you some pain killers friend, they seem to work for me lol I'm just playing, or am I? stay tuned for the final conclusion of, Am I plaaaayyyiiinnnggg! Muahahahahahaaaa
  • Some fears are considered "irrational" in the world of Psychology, and for the most part, that's right. Just tell yourself there is no real rational explanation for "freaking out" while on a plane. The chances of a plane going down during it's flight is very low, and if it really was THAT high, they wouldn't have them in the first place.
  • The SERIOUS answer, respectfully, is that if the prospect of flying causes you THAT much angst, then MAYBE you should refrain from flying. The flippant answer is: "Brandy Alexander" +5
  • You mean you were not panicked when you were traveling to the airport? The freeway you were on is many times more dangerous than being in an airplane. More people are killed each day in vehicles in America than in aircraft accidents. Air passenger crashes are larger numbers at one time and are hyped up by the news media. There have been a number of pilot error and weather realated crashes of late but the chances of you arriving safely at your destination are finaminally very good. Aerodynamically airplanes are meant to fly and fly well. There are many unknowns in our lives every day, placing our lives in the hands of another person is always a little scarry be it an airplane or a bus, taxi or a friend.
  • I'm 51 years of age. Over my more than 30 years of driving I have come across more than one grissly crash scene. As one of the other answerer's of this question pointed out you are in far more danger driving to the airport than when you are in the air. more than 30 thousand people die each year on the highways in the U.S. alone. It's probably 3 or 4 hundred thousand worldwide. Think of it this way a lot of those traffic accident victims suffer sometimes for days before they finally pass. Chances are that if you were in an airline accident you more than likely would go pretty much instantly. I know which I would chose.
  • By not thinking about it and putting all worries out of your head! - Well I know this is the hard part and its difficult to do so sorry if I tried to make it sound easy. I personally would not get on a plane though anxiety so I might not be the best person to give advice, but I have suffered from anxiety and overcome most of my other fears. Distration is a good way but whatever technique you use like controlled breathing, reading a magazine etc I find you can allways try so hard on stopping the anxiety that this can trigger it to occur because at the end of the day when you think about it its on your mind. Remember panic attacks are not dangerous, they are just like excercise - only deeply unpleasant! From all techiques I beleive music works the best. Music has a different affect on the brain than most other things. Tell the person you are flying with that you have anxiety about flying too and then they know what to expect - that can make you panic less. If all fails there are tablets you can get from the doctor for anxiety. Although alcohol will lower your defense against anxiety the next day. Unless I took a tablet, I would if it was me, have a stiff triple vodka to calm me down! Understand the faint feeling, racing heart, fatique, paranoia, spacey feelings and if you have it (feeling of impending doom or feeling of unreality), and realise they are caused by the anxiety! You will not lose consciousness in a panic attack but it feels like you are going to lose it!
  • My husband used to have anxiety before flying, and drank before and during the flight. He overcame it by taking flying lessons and became a pilot. It was not easy or fast. He still doesn't like turbulence, which is common in small planes, but flying is now his greatest love besides me.
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