• Are you taking the mickey Jim. I don't usually remark on people's spelling and grammar and I know that your spelling and grammar are impeccable, so what's come over you? Is this a dig at the whole home schooling outfit?
  • i woz jim i thunk that hoam skoling iz a brilyant ideer
  • I went to Kelsey Grammar School.
    • Mircat
      Not funny
  • No, I went to a boarding school.
  • Nope. Went to public school.
  • No way! :D
  • LOL - based on your spelling, maybe you were? Haha, only kidding! My best friend in high school was home schooled and as smart as a whip!
  • Nope I t'weren't...was you?
  • Naw, Hukt on Foniks werkt fur mee!
  • Nauti! Were you on prescription drugs when you wrote this?
  • Yip n i Lurnted reel goobd buy me gRamps an bUB me dawg.
  • Lol or it is Lolo? Is it raely dat bad?
  • I can see that you obviously went to a public school.8:P
  • No, thankfully.
  • Nope, I was given publick edjamacation
  • No, I went to public school. But when I started teaching, I was appalled by how far schools had fallen since I was a student, and I was in one of the best schools in our state. I'm homeschooling my daughter, and at the end of kindergarten, she is far ahead of where I was at the end of first grade in some areas, and ahead of third or fourth in others. I was not certified in elementary school, so I'm not pulling on my training. I am relying on a popular homeschool curricula which is used by many homeschool families. She is writing beautifully in cursive, reading 2-3 page stories independently and knows all of what the public school math curriculum covers as well as basic addition and subtraction. We've covered some very basic science and social studies as well. I have read the text books for this curricula up into the subjects that I was teaching, and it is much more rigorous than anything we were doing in public school. When I was in college, there was a fifteen year old at my school who had been homeschooled and was about to graduate with a double major in music and music composition. When I was working on my Master's, there was a fifteen year old at that college who was about to graduate with a double major in math. When my daughter was having chemo, there was a seventeen year old having chemo there who was homeschooled and a premed sophomore. Yes, there are some families who use homeschooling to escape truancy laws. However, the majority of families use homeschool to remove their children from an environment where juvenile criminals are locked in with good kids all day in a prison-like environment and to give their children a superior education. The mark of a good school is the educational performance of the student, not the educational performance of the teacher. One room school houses with high school grad or normal school grad (two year degree) teachers produced the space program. Consolidated public education with Master's, PhD.s and Rank One's or Nationally Certified teachers are producing kids that can't read. Here is some information on homeschool performance, if you are interested in doing more than just making fun of it.
  • No. My friend was. He's a successful business owner who has built a million dollar a year business from the ground up without ever taking on any debt. And he's weird as f**k.
  • er, no - maybe that's why I would say "were" instead of "was." ;)
  • if you were, you shouldn't have been. If you weren't, then perhaps not cutting every english class would have helped! :-)
  • Naw, I was at publick skul, but it wernt as abd as peeple say it is.
  • If you were, you are a prime example why it's not a good idea
  • Tried, but seduced my Parisian teacher - too hot to trot!
  • You have to ask yourself this; are the materials presented on par? Because the fact is that Learning is individual and what you absorb or get from it isn't an envirnoment .
  • Yes I were.
  • Yeah, I was homeschooled by my mom. And now I'm homeschooling my kid. I'm not even considering my daughter going to public school. At least not yet. The reasons for my decision are obvious, because the benefits of home schooling are much greater: The child will grow up in a healthy environment without negative effects.
  • If you mean "Were you home schooled", no, I was not.
    • SuckOnMyToes3
      I'm an elementary school dropout

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