• The shortest time I had worked at a job was about 3 hours into the first day of work.
  • A few shifts stacking shelves in the chilled foods section at ASDA (supermarket in UK owned by WalMart) when I was 16. Sucked.
  • 3 days. They told me I was afraid of heights and let me go. They knew better, but they needed a reason to get rid of me and I didn't want to work at a place that didn't want me there. My friend quit after two hours after working in a chicken processing plant hanging chickens on hooks as they came off the trucks.
  • 4 hours, I was told that because I did the job so quickly and efficiently I probably didn't like working there.
  • A week an a half
  • Two months. I planned for it to be a temporary job.
  • My time is a bit longer than some of the answers posted already, my answer is 3 years and 3 months, but that's because I have low standards of jobs. If it's hard, boring, low-paying and horrible, I can do it.
  • One day. the business went bankrupt and closed it's doors my first day.
  • I work with some people who have been here 30 years but havn't actually "worked" a good 15 minutes yet. (Federal job)
  • a month. I moved from Hawaii to Chicago for a job and found that I just couldn't stand the winter.
  • Three days. I was 14 and working doing phone soliticing and not making nearly enough sales. My boss said I was just too nice for the job. He did me a big favour actually, and was very nice about it.
  • 4 hours.. the manager was screaming and throwing things. I knew I would never make it. I walked up to him and said I am sorry this job just isn't for me, the corp office called me and ask what happen, I explained but I found out later the manager was part owner.. lol...
  • 4 hours I applied for a job when I was 19 that was supposed to be a managerial position for a wholesale warehouse company. Turns out what they really had you do was get in a car with two other guys, who took you out to a bad part of town and showed you how to sell worthless junk like daily planners and tupperware knockoffs to people by going door to door...they said you had to do this for s few weeks as part of the manager training. So they put me in a car with these guys, we drove out to this ghetto and these 2 guys started smoking crack in the car...Then not only did we almost get robbed, we almost got arrested because these guys tried to sell stuff to an off duty cop and then couldn't furnish a peddler's license...then they decided to try to trade goods for food in a few restaurants, which got us kicked out, I called a cab and got the hell out of there.
  • One day. I had to crawl under a chainlink fence at 11PM because my co-worker didn't have a key. We were the only ones working the graveyard shift. I loaded 14 1/2 tons of coke dust* onto pallets that night. The dust "puffed" into a sack and I went thru 3 surgical masks in 8 hours. The dust didn't all wash off my face until later the next day. It was hard to breathe. There were no toilets or running water. Jobs were scarce at the time; my area had around 19% unemployment. One guy used to drive 100 miles to work there and sleep on the floor all week and drive back to see his family on the weekends because work was even harder to get where he lived. It paid $4.25 an hour. WooHoo! My co-worker said that he was taking it easy on me because it was my first day. Usually we would have to load 16 tons a night. *the legal kind that's black
  • Three months.
  • Two weeks. It was in a large store and there was only one job available. So it was down to me and another guy, I sort of sealed my own fate by not locking an outdoor security gate one night and the next day when I went into work everyone was talking about it. I was read the riot act, the manager thought I was part of some large criminal gang who wanted to enter the store after it closed and clean it out. Needles to say I didn't get the job.
  • I applied for a job in another town about 70 miles away. I got the job and was to start the following Monday. Almost home, I stopped in another place on a whim to apply for a job and got that one, too. I never reported for work at the distant job, so I would say that was my shortest time I "held" a job.
  • 1 day. It was door to door sales and i didnt like it. Im too soft for that. I was working with someone at the time and I told them on my first day that i wouldnt be able to do it and got the bus home on my own LOL
  • 4 hours,was a crap job
  • A week. It was just a Christmas vacation job.
  • about 2 wks
  • about 2 wks, thanks to people discriminating and making me lose my job

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