• No to be honest i cannot say it does . I am always in too much of a hurry to get things done . Time always seems to go very quickly
  • Not my shower! It seems like I never have enough hot water. Just when I think, "Ahhh, just five more minutes!" poof, ice water hit me.
  • No, because somehow I manage to still be cold, even in a nice hot shower.
  • Unless I am in a hurry, I lose track of time on purpose in a nice warm, relaxing shower. I think it is, like a bath, a perfect place to escape from stresses and problems as well. So time for me in a shower if I am in no hurry, slows down alot, and I have no idea if I have been in there for 5 minutes or 15 minutes until I get out and see a watch or clock. And I think that's how it ought to be for anyone unless they are on a tight schedule. Very relaxing.
  • YES, I take a shower, then shave and when I go to my bedroom, there see that I only spent 15 minuites in the bath and it felt like an hour.
  • Always, I stand under the shower forever and then realize that I have been in way too long and then must rush around like a mad woman to get to work on time. This has stopped though, I have put a clock in my washroom for that exact reason!
  • Only when there are others in line waiting for me to get out. lol
  • It does for my husband-he tends to fall asleep in the shower and will remain so unless I come in and wake him up.
  • yes, and ive also heard the heat and vapors lets more oxygen in your head. This would explain the time lapses, crazy singing, and stuff.
  • Yes it does. Unfortunately, it speeds up more as soon as you step out. I think you get up and you're barely awake and time seems normal. Then the shower gives you slow time. Then you step out of the shower and now you're awake enough to hear your phone ping, see that you're late for work, etc. Now you're on hyper-time.

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