• Depends on how old you are. If your 20 with 5 kids yea thats bad. If your 40 with 5 kids..ok
  • It depends : if they have different fathers or not
  • nope. i know someone with 11 siblings, a couple with 5 siblings.... here in Oklahoma we like big families :)
  • Providing you are able to support and provide them with the attention and care a child needs, then there is nothing wrong with it at all
  • No way! As long as you can support them financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and have provided them with a safe and loving home, then I don't see a single thing wrong with it. I wish I knew why people feel the need to make snide comments about how many children other people have. It really cheeses me off when people raise their eyebrows and make comments like "Haven't you ever heard of birth control?" They're just so totally ignorant. My husband and I want 10 children. A mix of our own biological children and adopted ones. That would be a dream come true :)
  • Not at all! Although if a person can barely afford to provide for, cafe for, guide and mentor a couple let alone 5 then it probably wasn't the best move to plan for 5 children. If that is how it worked out.
  • If you are one of the people that can raise 5 children properly, there is nothing wrong with it.
  • I think its cool to have as many as you want and can provide for.
  • Since 1985 or so, humanity has been consuming more natural resources (water, cropland, energy, fish) than the planet can support, so in general it's a bad idea. On the other hand, if people didn't have 5 children, I wouldn't be here, so there's a tradeoff.
  • I'd far rather see one pair of loving parents raise five than to see five pairs of ex-cons each raise one and neglect it. I personally have known two different families (one Amish, one Mennonite) who have had 17 kids each. Both families had well-raised, loving, productive kids. I also look to the congressman from Arkansas who has 18 clearly well-raised kids. I'd far rather see that than even one dead-beat couple who neglects and abuses their kid.
  • Only if you're financially unable to support them, or you don't give them equal attention. I once knew a girl from a family of eight kids who got ignored because she was the middle child. Her parents couldn't afford to buy them proper clothes, and this little girl wore shorts to school in 40 degree weather. Her parents didn't even seem to notice. Their resources (financial and relational) were stretched so thin that they just didn't have time to pay any attention to her. In cases like this, having many children is not good.
  • No, as long as you're able to support them financially and emotionally.
  • Depend on the number of children you wanted to have.
  • that's 5 times the love in your house. I have 4, I feel nothing but blessed. togetherness and a sense of humor, and a "go with the flow" state of mind helps.
  • No, it is not bad to have 5 children if one is able to love and care for them and provide for their physical, spiritual, financial, emotional, social and educational needs.
  • No, as long as you are good parents and can provide for them adequately, I think it is a good thing to have 5 children. We have 3 children, and if my wife was able to have more, we would have. Children are a blessing from God, even though they can seem very trying and challenging at many times.
  • if they can support them & give them a happy life, then it couldn't be that bad.
  • If you raise them in a correct, stable, and loving home. ITs ok...we need little positive and rightous warriors out in the world. The good need to multiply by numbers.... Its only bad when the bad, addicts, abusers, and distorted multiply by those only makes the world a worse place... So...have fun.
  • I wouldn't know, I only have 3 and thats hard enough. :o)
  • Can you guarantee each of them a good quality of life?
  • Depends, are the parents unemployed?
  • Not if you have plenty of money and time. Without plenty of both, things could get tough.

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