• It is called temperature. It has several varying measurements f, c, k, etc. The magic man on the television points at the map! He tells you how Hot or Cold it is. Serious though, it gets a value but not a quantity. You can not have 5 colds. If you meant something else you need to rephrase this question. (Note: I suppose if your kids number in 3 and all have colds you could say, "Ya I have 3 colds infecting my home.")
  • are you asking if cold has a measurement as to how heat has btu (british thermal unit)?
  • No you cannot calculate a quantity of cold In thermodynamics (the scientific study of heat flow) there is no such thing as a cold source. Instead, cold is defined as the absence of heat. By the way, heat is measured in calories, which is defined as the amount of heat needed to raise 1 milligram of water 1 degree celsius (dieting calories = 1000 scientific calories), or British Thermal Units (BTUs have a really funky definition that I refuse to remember. :)
  • No, cold is a human feeling, not an actual value

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