• Solved stagflation. That was the only thing good about him.
  • not a damn thing..... Ronald Reagan claimed that the Russian language had no word for "freedom." (The word is "svoboda"; it's quite well attested in Russian literature.)Ordered an invasion of Grenada in 1983 to break up a Marxist coup. Launched air strikes on Libya in 1986 in response to Libyan support of terrorism. In the Oval Office, Ronald Reagan told Yitzhak Shamir and Simon Wiesenthal, on two separate occasions, that he himself had assisted personally at the liberation of the Nazi death camps. There was more to Ronald Reagan than that. Reagan announced that apartheid South Africa had "stood beside us in every war we've ever fought," when the South African leadership had been on the other side in the most recent world war. Reagan allowed Alexander Haig to greenlight the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, fired him when that went too far and led to mayhem in Beirut, then ran away from Lebanon altogether when the Marine barracks were bombed, and then unbelievably accused Tip O'Neill and the Democrats of "scuttling." Reagan sold heavy weapons to the Iranian mullahs and lied about it, saying that all the weapons he hadn't sold them (and hadn't traded for hostages in any case) would, all the same, have fit on a small truck. Reagan then diverted the profits of this criminal trade to an illegal war in Nicaragua and lied unceasingly about that, too. Reagan then modestly let his underlings maintain that he was too dense to understand the connection between the two impeachable crimes. He then switched without any apparent strain to a policy of backing Saddam Hussein against Iran. (If Margaret Thatcher's intelligence services had not bugged Oliver North in London and become infuriated because all European nations were boycotting Iran at Reagan's request, we might still not know about this.) you may fined out more by looking for (The stupidity of Ronald Reagan. By Christopher Hitchens.)
  • I know someone's gonna correct me, but the way I remember it was by giving tax breaks to the rich it created more jobs and more wealth. He inspired people to better the government by bettering themselves. Now, downgraders once again my economics class was a long time ago.
  • Nothing
  • The cheese. That block yellow cheese that was given out to low income households. That was the best cheese ever!! Man I still miss it.
  • who is he?
  • Besides the fact that he averted a world war with the Soviet Union, pretty much brought communism to it's knees, successfully brought this country out of one of the worst recessions and espoused the values that America was built on. But that's just off the top of my head.
  • His name?
  • Jackie Mason said he was "The Great Communicator". Personally, I can't remember anything about the man except he was referenced by Don Henley in the song "End of The Innocence".
  • i don't know if you were around in 1980 but Iran was holding hostages for 444 days and jimmy carter didn't do shit to help them our great country looked like a joke Regan got inaugurated and they let the hostages go right then & there we were back to being a country not to be fucked with and he rebuilt our military from the ground up not to mention the 4 straight yrs of double digit inflation the we just experienced prior to his arrival a lot of the younger generation nowadays never even heard of such a team which back then was a every day word
  • Trickle-down economics (which did actually work, though not until after his presidency - this is how economics go) and the GPS network (he literally gave it to the world after the US spent millions to develop it) are what I always think of as the two good things he did. I'm not convinced he did all that much to end the USSR, though one could certainly argue that.
  • He liked Jellybeans!
  • Nothing, really.
  • Reagan was an excellent communicator and, at a time of deep recession, took office and inspired his countrymen to believe better days were coming. But he made many bone-headed mistakes. The Beirut marine barracks debacle and Iran Contra arms deal were glaring ones. But his sale of the idea that, "Government isn't the solution to the problem, government IS the problem." has done the USA lasting harm. This near depression occured because well-meaning people, following that mantra, gutted financial regulations put in place after the Great Depression to ensure such a calamity never happened again.
  • Reagan came in after a few years of turmoil. The US was seen to have lost the Vietnam War. A president had resigned under the threat of impeachment. His replacement had pardoned him for any crimes he might have committed. And the US seemed so weak that Iran felt free to take 66 hostages and hold them for over a years, while the president seemed to be twiddling his thumbs. Minutes after Reagan was elected, the hostages were released. The US seemed to have some backbone again. There was a sense of "enough of this crap". Reagan may not have been a great president. But, compared to the presidents ahead of him, he certainly looked like one.
  • I voted for him and a few years later, he terrified me. I think his mental deterioration started while he was in office and he was assisted by many war-loving, capitalist pig types. He made horrific decisions.
  • Nothing. He sucked. He turned ketchup into an acceptable substitute for veggies at school, too. What a freak. :P
  • Something about a wall coming down,.. now what was that,...
  • Jellybeans. And he was willing to do whatever his masters told him to do, and he looked good doing it.
  • Even with Alzheimers he didn't need a teleprompter to speak like the current duffus.
  • Absolutely Nothing!
  • Guess you had to be there yo...
  • his acting?or the way he was sh*t scared of thatcher?
  • He was simply the figure head du joir.
  • Hindsight isn't always 20/20, people were scared, real scared of several threats around the world, having a cowboy helped.
  • To many good things basically he brougt the country back an d made us strong even united the people. He didn't promise a change without aplanhe deleivered the idea and then the way to bring change. He was and is a great American.
  • He became president at a good time The economy was coming back up and things were starting to be good again Lucky.

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