• If you think males are only for reproduction, then please go get your test tube baby. we don't need you anyway.
  • That's great but then you're just cloning.
  • awesome! But I think that when women do finally rise up and take over the world, killing all men and starting a new amazonian society, they'll still keep a few of us men folk around to parallel park cars, and fix leaky faucets and such ahahhaahhah
  • I've never heard of such a thing. Sounds made up.
  • No way! I don't want some chicks with their breasts hanging out standing right next to me all day. I was trying to go for a Beavis and Butthead thing here, but eh. I don't know if it's possible. Probably in some way it is.
  • Sweet, I say go for it. They should just keep a few of us around that are good at the hanky panky(this ensures my survival). Oh, and Christian Bale, he can play all the men in every movie
  • If this were to come to pass, then women would have to put up with women. We, the dying sex, would be left in peace with our internet porn.
  • Where's your source? I think it's an interesting possibility, but what's the chance of genetic defects occuring? Still, if the process were available and the technology had been developed to the point that it was known to be safe, I'd take advantage. I wouldn't mind having kids with Mariska Hargitay. :)
  • That goes both ways! So far they've only been successful with mice pups. But its on the horizon. This is good news not only for same sex couples but also hetero couples struggling with infertility. Its real though! Check it out: ********* But there's no telling what unexpected surprises await! Will they be able to reproduce normally? Will celebrities sell their skin cells to fill the world with beautiful and talented people? Will terrorists and psychopaths attempt to fill the world with more of their kind?
  • They still need an artificial male chromosome and I don't think they have successfully created one yet. I think it's Frankenstein, and I'm not a fan, the bible says "male and female he made them," and "each seed after it's own." My concern with science is where is its ethical line , or whether it just does, because it can, without ever questioning whether it should? This has led to a lot of grotesque experimentation, even on humans.
  • So you are telling us this is true then ask us if we believe it?

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