• They're working on higher math.
  • "I really wish I could get out of this stall and I wish people would stop sitting on me and making me run around. At least, they feed and clean me."
  • Thinking about how to serve the master well the next day. Or daydreaming about green open pastures to run in. Maybe daydreaming about being with a herd of wild stallions running free in the fresh meadows with a cool, babbling brook to stop and get a refreshing drink of water at.
  • When will I get out to pasture again ? Or When will I get to play"Horsey" with the mare again. or The next time the vet comes ,I'm gona kick his butt. Or The next time someone gets on my back ,I'm gona bit their leg. and last Next time I lift my tail its gona be my payback time.
  • I dont know, why dont you ask one next time you see it.
  • The next time he opens that door, I'm outta here.
  • zzz....swish tail....zzz....snort....zzz....stamp foot...zzz...snort...zzz...blink blink
  • Hmmm...I dunno, I'm gonna have to ask one
  • they're plotting to take over the world....
  • Singing the Mr. Ed song..LOL
  • Probably about "Cool Water" and a good old fashioned cowboy song:
  • I suppose they think stuff like, "DANG! This is boring! Wish there was some hay leftover to eat. Guess I'll chew up any wood I can get my teeth on just for something to do. Wow, if I grab hold of the stall edge and suck air into my stomach it hurts, but it's still better than being bored. Maybe I'll learn to sway back and forth like the guy in the next stall does, that looks like something to do. Wish I could get out and find some grass. Wish some one would come in here and brush me and keep me company. Guess I'll try to sleep for awhile. Now I'm awake again. DANG! This is boring. Wish there was some hay ... "
  • When's dinner.
  • There's Mister Ed over there. Go ask him.
  • +5 Wow, I have taken some massive horse dumps today. Where is that guy with the shovel ?
  • Probably something like " Well gee this is fun, wonder whats going on in the next stall, hope someone is going to clean this sh#t up, If I had hands I would open this door and get my own food, are they ever going to let me out of this box" etc.
  • Horses who stand around in stalls are not happy and acquire many health and behavior problems. That is the cause of many leg and hoof problems and why a lot of horses start chewing wood. Horses aren't meant to stand around in one spot all day. In a horse's normal environment they are constantly on the move most of the day, as they graze. A horse kept in a large field is much happier then a horse kept in a stall. So a horse in a stall is thinking how bored it is and how good it would feel, to get out and stretch it's legs and be a horse.
  • "Oats...carrots... that pretty mare in the other stall Wheeehehehee!!"
  • Making plans to take over the world by massive force. +5

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