• This is one that i wrote for my mate not long ago trying to help her out with getting a job: To whom it may concern, I am writing to ask that you keep my resume on file in the hope that you might consider me for any positions that may become available in the future. I am currently completing my Certificate III in Business administration with MADEC that I started in July 2007. Since completing my VCE I have been employed as the Café Manager at The Setts Mildura, and looking for a change. Working as the Café Manager at the Setts, I have gained great customer service skills as well as organisational skills. Towards the end of 2007 I was given the opportunity to be a part of the Office administration team at the Ginkgo mine site for a month. This was a valuable experience, which I believe will help me in any further administration positions. I am very interested in obtaining employment with a company such as yours, as I am seeking employment, which will afford me the opportunity to establish a career. As my long-term goal I am intending to continue to participate in courses, which will extend my knowledge and qualifications within the Office Administration field. I am well presented and take pride in how I represent my self and my place of work. I am able to work unsupervised and well within a team. I am very willing to learn form senior and more experienced staff members and view constructive criticism as a valuable learning tool. I have existing experience in customer service duties; I have strong computer skills and learn job specific programs quickly. I am familiar with diary management and secretarial support. I have enclosed my resume and a list of written and verbal references for your perusal and I hope that you may consider my application. I look forward to hearing for you.

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