• You have certain rights, but if you are still in High School, will need your parents signature.
  • Interesting question. . I imagine it varies by high school but that most would lean towards not accepting it if they could help it. . Legally people are adults the minute they turn eighteen, but teachers and administrators have a more practical idea for when to believe a student ais an adult and that tends to be after graduation.
  • Well, you are legally adult so you could argue that you are now your own responsibility if they say anything about it; but I doub the school will allow it!
  • I was living on my own at 18 and still going to school. I signed my own notes for a while but then they told me my mom had to sign them as she is responsible for me while I'm on school property or some such nonsense. So any time I got sick my senior year (or just wanted to skip, what can I say, I was an independent teen!) I had to drive to my mothers house an hour away and get a slip from her. I tried forging it but they wouldn't let me get away with it.
  • Nope, You need doctors notes and proofs for everything you claim.
  • probably not
  • Even though you are legally an adult, one would think you could. However, if you still live at home with your parents it may be doubtful and it rests totally with the schools policies and rules. So don't make assumptions until you've cleared it with the school.
  • Yes. In fact, your parents no longer have a legal right to do so. Once you are the age of majority, it doesn't matter where you are. The law is the same. However, it also provides that you have more responsibility in making sure you're in school.

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