• Veteran's Rights and Military PTSD Advocate...beyond a doubt, I've never been in such admiration of men in my life as those who have laid their lives down for our country and in turn have given their WHOLE lives up in return suffering from the debilitating effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. (and one in three of our vets are returning home with it now)
  • I actually love my current job. :-) I work in an IT/Consulting company as office manager. My coworkers are amazing, and I'm learning a lot of new things. Very low-stress environment.
  • I have a wildlife shelter helping injured animals get back to nature ... It is extremely rewarding I am an artist / photographer ... also I enjoy I love everything that I do ... otherwise I wouldn't do it ... life is way to short for regret ...
  • I worked as a volunteer at a drug centre in central London when I was with a law firm there . It was a very sad place to be but the satisfaction from trying to help youngsters was incredible
  • The last job I had. I had the same job title (Environmental Consultant) but the people were nicer...
  • program director at a karate school
  • collecting unemployment checks
  • I worked security in a major retail department store, and I loved it. The people I worked with are the best team I have ever had (for the most part), and the job was really fun.
  • working as a volanteer consevation diver in the great barrier reef
  • In high school, I worked at this tiny little SnoCone stand. It was so fun, worked with all my friends, ate free snocones all day everyday, and my friends that didn't work there would come hang out and visit me!
  • The job I now have, I'm a Realtor and it is the best.
  • I'll let you know when I get the one job that I love.
  • Being a Mom.
  • My first 40 hour a week job, (which actually was on average 60 hours a week). I was a dishwasher at a truck stop restaraunt. I worked with some great waitresses, our regulars were great people, and it was the first time I realized that I had to watch my weight. I ate everything on the menu. I lied about my age and went to work there at 14 and stayed until I was 16.
  • Although it was an unpaid job. Helper boy in a silk-screen print shop. Back when my dad ran one, he recruited me to be the guy who had to run around bringing him buckets of ink, squeegies, liquor, etc. Not only did it keep me entertained, I also got to learn quite alot about the trade of Silk-Screening. Knowledge which is probably entirely useless in this day and age, but is still nice to have.
  • I used to work as an ARC agent for a travel agency. It had really bad hours, but that really was the kind of work I really liked.
  • I was a soccer referee when I was younger that was probably the best job i've had
  • I do work as a face painting clown sometimes...I love it. Just being creative and talking to the kids...being silly...allowing them to be's a great job.
  • Instructing students in mathematics
  • Bartender, 99.9% of the time the customers were happy. My boss was great too.
  • Law enforcement for 41 years. I like helping other people, during the good and bad times. I try to enforce the laws fairly and with a smile on my wife. sometimes, the bad guys hate it when i arrest them and sing the song "bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gonna do? whatcha gonna when i handcuff you, bad boy?" it just makes the job interesting and a little more rewarding. No two days are ever alike in law enforcement.

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