• If that is true, then why do they feel the need is so important to downgrade answers that they personally feel aren't good? Shouldn't it be in the community's best interests? And if so, then shouldnt the community dictate whether an answer is silly or not? And can't people ask answers for fun? Sure, trolls are there. But they are trolls for a Whose gonna rip my points off me???lol.
  • Who made these people boss/judge/authority/superior/intellect? Did they vote themselves in and decide as humanitarians to show us "little folk" the error of our ways? While I agree that anything is possible I do not believe it is probable, conceivable, logical, sensible, reasonable or factual. Happy Thursday kdp! :) ((hugs))
  • I sayyyyy....YES! Actually I don't understand points...and I understand less when people get upset for not getting any. I mean really.....
  • I don't know what their true intent is.. I think it is usually people they disagree with, that they DR.... The whole thing seems silly to me...
  • no, i doubt it
  • I think trolls are either conservative people or bigots. Sometimes it seems odd that some harmless fun questions disappear because of these people. +3
  • Sounds good but there is a small flaw in this theory. Down-rates do not equally points given or taken. They only push the question/answer up and down in the data-base. If anything they are succeeding in messing with the data-base when they down-rate for any other reason then the proper reason and that is so the good postings are on top and the bad ones are at the bottom. This could be done without hateful down-ratings by only up-rating good submissions. If something is sitting at zero it is already at the bottom. Making it a negative number is over-kill and a bit childish in my opinion.
  • Although anything is possible, I think anyone setting out to do something knowing it's going to upset someone is not trying to be helpful. Points do not have material value, but they do have intrinsic value to some. Personally, I turn the ratings notification off and just enjoy myself as if they didn't exist.
  • May I answer that with a simple NO. If I elaborate it would be offensive.
  • umm, insightful...
  • Is it international Hug A Troll Day again already?
  • Yes, but those types of people probably also have a huge mean streak inside them that fuels that fire. Hey, at least they aren't going around killing people, and people SHOULDN'T take - points on here so seriously anyway.
  • No. Too many people are "playing games" with points to push THEIR or THEIR FRIENDS answers to the top in questions, and THEIR or THEIR FRIENDS questions to the top in categories. They are shooting for the leaderboard, and in some cases, pusing bad answers to the top to do so, skewing the answers, and not allowing the actual purpose of the points to work right. They also DOWNrate PEOPLE they don't like, rather than the questions or answers. And many DR opinions, which should NOT be DRed by anyone. And, they just LOVE to see questions about trolls, especially about downrates and harassment, as it means they've hit someone's nerve. They are ONLY concerned about themselves or their friends (SOME of whom may not be trolls, themselves). And, of course, there are those who don't worry about their "names" on AB, and harass others. Nope. They could care less about "the important things in life".
  • No, they are just trolls.
  • Either way, they waste their time yo...
  • Ohhhh.....I feel so bad now! LEt's throw them a blanket party to make up for misunderstanding the poor little critters :)

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