• Yeah,one of my cousin passed away a year ago,and she was really sick/ill. I was sad that she died,but I was happy to know that she not in pain anymore and she in a better place.
  • I wouldn't use the word "good," but two relatives' health had deteriorated to the point where it was just time.
  • In a way when my grandpa died. He had cancer and was in the hospital for a few months on life support. He suffered so much and I was glad that his pain was over, but I miss him dearly and cant wait to see him again someday.
  • I don't think I would use the word good but I did feel relief when my mother died. She had been in a vegetative state for 3 years. Sporatically she was gain consciousness for a short time and then she would tell us she wanted to die. She was very elderly and her time had come.
  • My grandfather, he had a stroke and the doctors used a method to save his life - but left him severly brain damaged. (They no longer use this technique anymore.) He was a very proud man during his life, and he spent his last years in a nursing home being man-handled and feeling completely confused. It broke my heart to see or think of him in that condition.
  • I don't think I could say good, but I was relieved when my mom died because she was in such pain and told me she couldn't bare it anymore; I knew she was free frmo her pain when she passed.
  • Yes, both of my Grandmothers. The last months for both of them were so horrible that I was happy to see them out of their pain. Both died of cancer.
  • I would not say that I felt good when my late mother passed at the ripe old age of 85. My siblings and I felt the relief that God spared her further suffering and pain in the last few days of her life.
  • i didnt get too emotional over my mamaws death. she had dimencia. and her real self just wasnt there and i hated to see her like that i missed the way she was and i know i wouldnt want to go on living like that
  • Nope not yet, all around me seem to die rather suddenly and unexpected even when doctors had given them more time and they die 10 months early .. ~Nemo~
  • Yes...after watching them in incredible pain...yes
  • I don't know that I felt "good" but I felt relieved when my grandfather died. He was suffering and taking care of him was a tremendous burden on my father.
  • Yes..I kept telling my dad he couldnt leave me yet..on the day he died he looked at me and said he was sorry for the life he put me in and loved me..then he said dreamergirl(his nickname for me) I am so tired..I told him everything was forgiven and to go to sleep..I felt good that he was finally at peace. :)
  • Yes. My mother suffered too much and when the end came, it was actually a relief for the entire family. No person should suffer the way she did in the last month of her life.
  • not really

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