• Yes I like the name, but no I wouldn't name my kid that. And yes I would feel ok saying I didn't like it because it's a 'biblical name', even though I didn't know it was a biblical name. Not that I have a problem with biblical names anyways, it's just a name, not because of the biblical times, but because we all need
  • Dislike the name, biblical or not. If that were my friend's name though, well, its funny how you can get used to almost any name...
  • i don't even think the average person even knows Ezra is a biblical name so i doubt that comes into the equation for most, if any. I don't think most people even think of even think in those terms about even very popular biblical names like "Matthew, Mark, John, Peter and Mary" because they are so common that "bible" is not he first thing that comes to mind when you hear any of them. anyway, I don't dislike the name, but i could not see myself naming my child that because I tend to name based on the name having some sort of significance to me.
  • I really like it...I even considered it for my son (briefly). It didnt have anything to do with the religious origin though.
  • I don't dislike it as much as I do some, but I wouldn't want it nor would I name a son of mine that. I freely admit that I don't like most biblical names. It has nothing to do with the fact that they're biblical. It's a sound and language thing. I just don't like old Hebrew names for men usually. The female ones are usually more pleasing to my ear, although again it depends on pronunciation. For example, I don't like the name Hannah to be pronounced "Han-ah." But I have an Israeli friend who pronounces her name "Hah-nah" and I think it's one of the most pleasant sounding names I know. I like the biblical names with "-el" endings, as a rule; Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Daniel. . .but not Ezekiel. ;) And I like many of the New Testament names, which tend to be Greek in origin.
  • I dig the name. I wouldn't name my kids that though, it just doesn't sound good with my last name. The bible-name thing doesn't matter.
  • ezra.. eh... and I have no problem disliking a biblical name... any parrent who names their child job, lot, shadrack, mishack, abendigo, or maher shalal hash baz needs to be beaten twice as hard as their kids will be for having such dorky names.
  • Biblical or not, if I like a name, I like it, and if I dislike it, I dislike it. Too many Jewish/Hebrew names in the Bible for my liking though.
  • I have no problem with disliking a Biblical name. It is not so much that I do not like the name Ezra. I just think it is too old fashioned. Therefore, I would not name my son that.
  • If I like a name I like it, biblical or not. I have a bibilical name as do most of my family but out of coinincidence. I don't like Ezra as such but some biblical names are nice, if a little dramatic. Lastly, yes, I'd be OK to admit I didn't like a bible name. Don't think I'd be sent to the pit of damnation for expressing a preferance! :)
  • It's a good name, though I think Ezra would have trouble in school with that name. You COULD use it as a middle name. Just be careful with his initials. As for biblical names: If it doesn't fit with your last name, then why worry about it. There were a LOT of names in the Bible I don't think I'd be using. For example, I don't think I'd be naming my son Ciaphas, Judas, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, etc., either. Again, good names, and COULD be used as a middle name, but as a first name? Then again, maybe it's time to bring some of those old-style names back!
  • I personally like the name, but I would feel uncomfortable with it because it it a bible name. I really like the name Jezebel too, but I would never name a child that because of the obvious negative connotations and because it's from the bible. It's really hard to avoid bible names- even really common ones like Sarah and Mark are biblical.
  • No! I DON'T like it! I wouldn't name my son, daughter, dog, cat, gerbile, antelope. . .ANY pet of mine. . .THAT name! I don't think God ever commanded us that we have to LIKE a name. . .besides His son's, Jesus!
  • I don't like the name. Most names that I have seen in the Bible are quite two favorite names, David and Daniel are from the Bible. Also Deborah and Rebeca...those two I also like.
  • it sounds too Amish, and we have a lot of Amish around here, so nope I would not.
  • i dont like it for a boy and yeah i feel ok admitting i dont like a biblical name i dont really like the name jacob
  • Its OK but would not want to name my son that. If you don't like it you don't like whether it is Biblical or not. Its not like you are going to be consigned to hell if you don't like a Biblical name.
  • I thought Ezra was a more dominant woman's name, but i could be wrong. My name is Carmen, and i am a man..often mistaken for a female spanish woman, but Ezra for a boy sounds just fine. Ezra as a nama has a lot of history. As far as biblical implications, im not religious but i dont really care if something has biblical roots or not. Names can be interpreted differently depending on the origins. The first person to be named Ezra was not the one in the bible, its merely a story..(Ezra was a messenger of 'god's' word, to spread the word of god to Jerusalem i think) but regardless all that matters is if you like it or not!! Does it go well with your last name? !!! worrying about biblical references is trivial, stories of old should not be a rule book of what to name our children. (the more unique the better)

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