• Because it's suffocating. The bandage prevents air from getting to the pores. Thus, it makes the skin shrivel up and lose the appearance of pigmentation.
  • Turn white due to lack of oxygen. Wrinkled because it got tightly bundled up.
  • The skin turns white for the same reason that your feet or hands will turn white when you take a bath or have them in water for a long time. The skin get 'water-logged'. Ever see a swimmer after a long time in the water? Same thing. The bandage is water repellant so it will stick, but that also means that it traps moisture in the skin under the tape. That moisture swells the skin. That's why you hardly ever see a dry sore under a bandage (unless it's very loose or is made of gauze). I've a lot of experience with bandages since I've a very rare skin condition. My Dermatologist tells me to only cover wounds during the day when they might get dirty. At night, let them breath and they seem to heal a lot faster. Hope I made sense

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