• I have an old cooking timer that was my grandmothers. Its white with red numbers and a red dial thingy. Its got a little loud of a tick, but it was bought in the 80's and still works great! So i use it :) Cant figure out most digital timers.
  • I use an online timer for different things, for example so I won't forget I put beer or sodas in the freezer for a fast chill. Here's one called
  • I use the timer on my oven quite often. I like it because of the loud alarm. I can put a casserole in the oven and then go on the computer and AB until the bell goes off. It's just a regular stove clock with the timer feature. No hourglass or egg timers or anything fancy.
  • I use the one on my stove almost daily with cooking. I use it to time my rice and then I also know when to start other items.
  • Yeah, I do, actually, when I am cooking something in the game hens, or a roast. It is really just like a big clock...which goes off like an alarm clock when the time is up. I can be anywhere in the house and hear it.
  • I don't but my grandpa has one for cakes that looks like a chicken
  • I use my egg-timer ONLY for hard boiling eggs and for couscous. It looks like a chicken!
  • i use the timer on my stove for lots of wake me from a nap, to alert me that it's time to get out the door for work, to tell me it's time to change tasks, that it's time to make/return a phone call...i'm sure there's other things but this is all i can think of at the moment.
  • I time hair and facial treatments and use my iPod Touch.
  • I use the timer on the microwave to time my coffee in the morning. I use a French press, so I have to time it.
  • The only time I really need is my alarm clock. It's pretty standard and all :)
  • The only situation in which I ever use a timer is if I am on some particular medication that must be taken at an hour I would not normally be awake..then I set the timer to awaken me so I can take the medication. Other than that I look at the clock when I put something in the oven and keep track of the time that way. Jim, on the other hand, uses a timer quite often..most usually for watering..he will water something using a 'slow-drip' method with the hoses in the front and the back and the 5-minute bell reminds him to place the hose elsewhere. He also might use it to remind him when a TV show is on. :) It is the timer on my alarm clock which is a lovely silvery color. His is small, square and white and it is just a timer, nothing else! :)
  • I use a lot of timers. At work, I use one to measure belt speed as it feeds parts to our equipment. I use the timer on the microwave for cooking food and timing the cake in the conventional oven. I use the timer on the GPS to tell my wife when I'm getting home (I need to give her boyfriend time to leave). I use the timer on my bike computer to make sure I don't over do a ride. I use the alarm clock to wake me. So, my timer looks like my watch, microwave, GPS, and alarm clock. Does that qualify for extra points?
  • I have one on my stove and I use it daily. +5
  • Oh good a bonus question, what do I get for answering? Before I answer I need to know. lol
  • I use a timer when I cook on the barbaque. I cook the meat for 3 minutes a side. I use one of my chronometer watches. They have a round face with three sub dials, 18K gold, two push buttons and a crown. The case is on a alligator strap. The chrono hand is the sweep seconds hand.
  • Built into both ovens, I use 'em for nearly everything. [short attention span] ;-)

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