• I believe a person can do what they have to do, but I wouldn't want to if I had a choice.
  • If you already have your own house, you might.
  • You can if you find a $600/month apartment, eat on the cheap, forgo cable, internet, cellphone. Also keep the thermostat down. Hope you two don't mind cuddling at night, winter gets awful cold here.
  • Not unless you are homeless and live in a cardboard box. No offense, but the cost of living in that area, is one of the highest in the counry. After taxes, this would not support one person.
  • In a tent in the woods, yes.
  • Yes, it's possible, especially if you take home that much and if you don't have many bills to pay and live simply. My husband and I have lived on much less than that at times but we did have a paid off home, no mortgage or rent, and that was in California. Here in upstate New York, I know a few people who live on about that and one couple even have 2 children and they aren't living in a cardboard box. They are just very frugal and careful. You do what you can these days. It's a matter of setting your priorities and keeping to your chosen way of life.
  • I hope that's your net income and not your gross. The northeast is infamous for high taxes and long winters, so you'll have major heating bills. My aim is not to discourage you or dash your hopes, and I'm sorry if it has that effect on you. But I do want you to be realistic, so I wouldn't be doing you any favors by speaking hopefully. You NEED to know! I hope you look at rental/real estate costs before moving so that you can be sure you're getting a great deal on housing costs for that area, since it will be your major expense. Good luck, and I hope you and your s/o are very happy there :)
  • No you cant. That is under poverty level for that area of the country. None of them are in the northeast.
  • Not having a good life, they cannot.
  • If you own your home and have no rent or mortgage and your car is also fully paid off.... Then yes you can. Car and rent makes up 70 to 80 percent of income.
  • Yes that's about $1500 a month. It's doable depending on where you are living. Doable in the Sticks, but not in a large or midsize city. Rents are $850/m in Syracuse but $3,500/m in Boston. Yeah - in Boston! lol. That's as much as a cheap Rolex, every month. lol

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