• None. None ven come close to America.
  • Netherlands
  • Canada
  • Switzerland: neutral, wealthy, quiet and peaceful
  • You know, I can't say that I admire any country too much these days. Part of my problem is that the more I learn, the harder it is to be in agreement with anything. I used to admire Europe as a whole for its progressive nature. Then I found out that under the facade, Nazism is still alive, there is a large segment of Europeans who can't reconcile with their immigrant populations. I admire the proactive ease with which European nations are working on energy alternatives to oil, with how Germany has balanced number of jobs to people who want them, I admire the cultural strength of tradition that Europe seems to be able to hold on to (especially Italy). I admire things like architecture, food traditions, regionality... things like that. I used to think that Brasil was a great place to get away to. Then I visited there. Sao Paolo is the craziest place on earth. And knowing how things are in a number of the states in Brasil, I do not admire them much anymore. Australia is a place I never really have admired as they suffer from the same growing pangs that the USA suffers/suffered from. New Zealand is on the same list as AU - Europeans exploiting and almost wiping out the indigenous population... I do not admire China - it's human right violations are infamous. Again, a facade that one doesn't need to hit very hard to crack. India is insane and is now suffering from conflict between the past traditional society and new modernism. It has no place to go but forward, but that momentum will certainly bring pain to many people. Let's see, that leaves Burma (HA! Monk KIllers!), the Caribbean islands (oh sure, let's all just go there!), Africa (and South Africa is really experiencing a new surge of pride and things look pretty good to many S.A.). Sheesh, Payton, can it be!?!???? America, regardless of her faux pas (or paux fas) is still the golden land? The land of metaphorical milk and honey? Regardless of what people think my political leanings are, I have always said that if not for the accident of the PLACE of my birth, I could never have grown to be the autonomous and free spirited person I am in any other nation on this planet. So, I guess that answers your Q....
  • I think places in asia are wonderful, I had family go to Taipei for about 6 months and loved it. They said the people were honest and honerable...they were Things were real simple...the girls were cute. People were real modest...the land was beautiful. The mornings were gorgeous...and the laws were different. They came when they needed them, but werent just lurking around every corner...The bad was taken away...the good was given to safty...and right was right...wrong was wrong.
  • None. None even come close to Scotland. Awww, I'm a funny one. I admire a lot of countries. I admire the French lifestyle, and attitude to alcohol. I admire Italian culture, I admire Belgian truffles... I admire Australian accents, and Japanese architecture, and Greek history. And and and.
  • Have to go with the USA..:) I LOVE Palm trees & my s/o is from there. Also it is a beautiful country with great people.
  • Norway, a very peaceful country +3
  • i admire haiti because it is where i grew up, i learned a whole lot, i have seen a lot there and i mean a lot.
  • Guatemala. I have a friend there and he loves it, and it was contagious. It's a paradise.
  • Wow! Your question is really difficult for me. I've traveled to 34 countries on this good earth, and there have been so many I've admired in terms of people. I almost feel guilty naming the single country that I admire the most. I'm thinking...I'm thinking....Damn it! I'm just not gonna do it! +5
  • Eire & Australia are tied in my book.
  • I definitely am planning on staying in Australia and China in the future. No, I have no idea how those two countries correlate :)
  • France, I love French literature and the style haha!
  • I'm Scottish and I'd have to say England. Is it just me or are the English hated by everyone? (except the Welsh, they have to like them or they'll be un-chained and float off into the ocean) Don't mean to sound racist or what-have-you. I live in London. I'm just speaking from an observational point of view.
  • I'm an American and think that Australia is the best country in the Southern Hemisphere--or the Eastern, for that matter. In every international dispute they are always on the side of what's good and right.
  • Japan. because everything over there seems perfect.
  • Australia. now I'm living there. compared to my country Korea, It is darn quiet and peaceful. but you know, no country is perfect on the earth. for foreigners and people who are from where have a relatively convenient and easy approaching medical system, this country is a little pain. price is also a little(sometimes a shocking lot..) high but the rest is fair. and above all, I love the weather here
  • I like Australia. When I was younger I tried to talk my wife into emigrating but she didn't want to leave her family. I like their attitude and they seem to have a better government than ours. I served with some Australian soldiers and you couldn't find a better group of guys to work and have fun with.
  • japan and canada learned so much about them and fell in love
  • The British and Australians.
  • they lost all they damn senses they are ungrateful, selfish, lack of common sense and respect. most of them become lost souls
  • Mongolia!!!! :)
  • Netherlands, more specifically Amsterdam! The land of individual responsibility! Much fewer laws than here in the states, which allows human beings to decide for themselves how to live their lives. They have great festivals and amazing architecture (especially amazing after visiting one of their "cannabis museums"). Their awesome nightlife, along with the ever improving transit system makes this place a must! And that's probably why it's the 5th busiest tourist destination in Europe!
  • I admire the ex-soviet bloc countries that have created their won identity and have succeeded such as Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, and others. I also admire Israel for enduring all that they have to every day. I admire Australia for their strong stances of maintaining their country against terror, and I admire England for standing true as a friend and ally to the US as the two countries must stand together to maintain western culture in today's ugly times.
  • England.

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