• In my experience they appeared during the pregnancy, but were faint and not obvious until after the pregnancy.
  • they appear during it because of the extensive stretching of the skin(hence stretch marks) but once the weith is lost they are more noticeable because they are red and inflamed. use cocoa butter and cocoa oil to help them fade, its easier to prevent because you cant actually get rid of them
  • They appear when the skin is stretched.
  • Last two weeks of pregnancy but last for a lifetime if you look closely. A woman's stomach is never the same after a baby. I'm not saying that in a bad way but just a fact.
  • They can happen anytime throughout the pregnancy that the skin takes a nice little spirt of stretching. Youll notice your stomach has a few shiny spots on it. You wont actually SEE the stretch marks though, until after the skin retracts...and then you see those rubberband like marks. I say Use some BIO will help the skins elasticity...AND it will help AFTERWARDS getting rin of the appearance.
  • both! cause you get them when your pregnant. and you find a whole buch more you couldnt see when you were pregnant lol
  • Most of mine appeared during pregnancy. Then there were those that appeared afterwards. So I would venture to say both.
  • Usually they appear during pregnancy...youll see lines on your belly that appear shiny. They wont look like what you consider stretch marks though until the skin retracts. What happens is while your belly stretches the tissue under the skin gets ripped...and it does not regenerate, when the skin retracts it is more appearant. I advice bio OIL throughout the entire pregnancy...lots of it, and if you see first signs of it...cake that stuff on, and even afterwards...they might still be there, but they will almost be invisible.

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