• I hadn't heard this but sadly it doesn't surprise me, the politically correct brigade get everywhere these days. The thing is often the ones complaining are not the people they claim are offended - I bet this misguided campaign is headed by neither a Jew or a Muslim. Whatever they call it - it's nasty and it is killing people regardless of religion and whether they are offended by what it is called!
  • I understand it, since wouldn't want anything associated with something from pigs, as I understand that pork producers are upset as people think you get it from pigs, which is untrue.
  • Where did you hear that? It could be that you have missunderstood. From a Jewish perspective the name swine flu is not offensive. Jews are allow to say the word pig, swine, hog, ect.
  • If they're offended over that, I wonder why they're not offended by swine-related terms in the Bible or Quran. Even if someone were saying "Hey, swine flu is great!" or "I looooove bacon", they should get a life.
  • Wah. . The main reason is because of it's adverse effects on pork sales right now, even though swine flu isn't contracted due to pork consumption. . As for renaming it because the Jewish and Muslims find it offensive, then why would Israel suggest renaming it "Mexican Flu"? Like the Mexican people wouldn't find that offensive as well? . How 'bout we call it "The Swine Flu That Really Isn't But Which Will Still Make You Sick", or maybe "Swine Flu...Maybe", or possibly "Swine Flu By Any Other Name...", or how about "To Be Or Not To Be, That Is The Question: Whether 'tis Nobler In The Mind To Suffer The Slings And Arrows Of Being Called Swine Flu"
  • The name change is to keep people from thinking that they will get the virus from eating pork. I've never heard that it has anything to do with Muslims and Jews. Where did you hear that?
  • I totally agree, We should Call it Captain Tripps!
  • I'm right with ya, it's retarded!
  • Well, you could call it dog flu and only piss of the Muslims. I don't see why we have to change scientific conventions to avoid offending one group or another. It's like changing "short people" to vertically challenged. Stupid politically correct claptrap.

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