• V (That's a short answer....I really enjoyed that show when I was younger)
  • Star Trek. I used to BEG my parents to let me stay up & watch it!!!
  • Dad got me started on Star Trek, before I was old enough to spell "trek".
  • star gate! used to watch it with my mum when i was young, and now i love the whole genre!!
  • "Soylent Green". . There have been one or two good SF movies after that one; but mostly SF movies suck, following the long obsolete van Vogt thesis that bigger bangs and spaceships is all thats needed in SF.
  • I was big into star wars when I was really little. Due to my older brother wathcing it constantly!!
  • The Outer Limits
  • "Buck Rogers" debuted on ABC on April 15, 1950 and ran until January 30, 1951.
  • I watched a lot of sci-fi as a kid, buck rogers, the black hole, lost in space, flash gordon, I could go on and on, but I saw star wars when I saw Star Wars at drive in theater..that pretty much crushed all I had seen up to that point in my life.
  • This one use to scare me.
  • I remember a TV show that aired on Saturday morning called "Supercar" that was probably my first introduction to Sci-Fi on the tube. A British show, it was filmed in "Supermarination" (or some such) and was basically a "puppet" show. It was followed by many more series by Gerry Anderson that I also enjoyed. As far as "grown-up" shows, I was never allowed to stay up and watch the scary ones like "Twilight Zone" or "The Outer Limits" (although I sometimes managed to sneak a peek at them). Instead, I watched the Irwin Allen, SF-of-the-week fest that included "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" and "Lost in Space". Then my Dad got a colour TV and that very year a new show started. It was on late, 9pm on Thursday, and my bedtime was 9pm on school nights so I missed the first two episodes. But some of my schoolmates caught it and recommended it. I convinced my parents that I wouldn't give them any trouble about betimes EVER, if only I could watch the show until 10pm on Thursday nights and they agreed. So the very next Thursday, I sat in front of my family's TV set watching in awe as I heard that famous monologue for the very first time... "Space... the final frontier... These are voyages of the Starship Enterprise..." All things considered... "Star Trek" changed my life, everything that I might have become... the man I might have grown into... changed that night, in front of that TV set. For better or worse, who knows? But it did change. I was never the same. Hope this helps.
  • The Twilight Zone Thunderbirds
  • Jungle Jim and his Jungle Cruiser. The Twilight Zone. Buck Rogers. Didn't miss Star Trek very often.
  • Space: 1999 then star trek and Dr. who

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