• My mother put me in pageants, she wanted me to win her a car.
  • In my opinion, most of them do it for themselves. I think it's an awful, pointless practice that should be done away with.
  • most parents do it to live vicariously
  • pageants are a mom's idea, usually. and from what i've seen on television, the pageant moms are huge women (way overweight) i think the mom's want for their child what is completely out of reach for the mother herself.
  • Probably something they always wish they could have done, so they stretch their dream and put there kids in it.
  • Good question, I've been wondering the same thing, this is just so bizarre to me. I do not believe one second that a toddler will wake up one morning and say "I want to compete in a pageant", but however it's true that most little girls do like to dress up, wear fancy clothes, high heels, wearing their mother's jewelry etc in their private homes but are they really comfortable getting up on a stage in front of a bunch of strangers in an audience? hmm...I wonder if they're only doing this just to please their parents? and if parents says this isn't about "winning", watch their reactions when their child lose.
  • Because they are silly and have no common sense.
  • Some believe their child is the 'cutest.' I wonder why did all this start or who started it?
  • cause its cute, i used to watch little miss america when i was a kid and i thought it was adorable

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