• I think he has done a terrible job and has caused the people of the world to look at Americans as jokes. He has brought us shame.
  • i agree, he's improving foreign relations, upholding the constitution(ie getting rid of gtmo bay) and doing everything he can to try to aid the country in our financial crises.
  • so far so good, much better then the cowboy attitude.
  • If he keeps kissing up to dictators, sucking face with old enemies, he's going to get future soldiers killed by letting them think we are friends. IMHO
  • I believe it's still a little early to know for sure, but President Obama is certainly headed in the right direction. so far so good :)
  • He's telling everone a lie,do you really think the rest of the world is buying his crap.
  • I think he is trying to please everybody all the time and that will backfire of him sooner or later Remember the phrase that you CAN'T please everybody ALL the time
  • Wow Ms. Karen Ann. You really need to stay away from the kool-aide. It's affecting your mind.
  • I'm with you and apparently 64% of the American people are as well, not to mention the rest of the world who seem to be responding positively. Now, of course, there are those who feel exactly the opposite..there are always those who feel exactly the opposite no matter what the topic! :)
  • Maybe, but according to Rasmussen's poll yesterday, 57% of Americans think the US is basically on the wrong path. For a President still in his first 6 months, this is unusual. While other countries may be pleased, Americans are becoming less so.
  • I'm glad that he's supporting a woman's right to choose, stem cell research, and environmentally beneficial measures. However, I was hoping that with his administration we'd be spending less on war, not $400 billion (that's what I think I heard) more.
  • I think that people are a hell of a lot more positive about America as a whole, then they have been in a long time. I think he's doing a really good job so far :)
  • Yes!I agree!He is doing a great job so far,and JUST getting started!!There is change,and hope!!:D:D:D
  • from an Aussies point of view ...Mr Obama is doing a great job both with the U.S. economy( except for the handouts to the criminally greedy Corporations that got them selves into this mess) and the U.S. relations with other countries around the world , he will only get better and better once he has cleared up the shit fight he was left with by the other fools who were the so called U.S. Government. Hopefully with the measures he has brought in and others he intends to he can finally stop the " greedy corporate cowboys" from almost destroying the economy again in the future. As for some of the comments about the U.S. being seen as weak ...thats a joke, for once in almost a decade or more the U.S. is starting to be seen as level headed and being fair in its dealings with other countries instead of a bunch of wankers with their heads up their own arses. Now we can only hope that some in his own party and others in the "losing side" of U.S. politics will put their own hidden agendas on the back burner for the sake of the U.S. as a whole ... but I wouldn't be holding my breath as these self centred fools will ALWAYS put themselves first and then blame Obama when the shit hits the fan because of their own thick headed greedy actions.
  • I'm still in the wait and see mode, but I have faith! He definitely has made positive changes with some foreign countries. I never dreamed that could happen so quickly.
  • I have longtime pen pals in Israel, Iraq,Germany and the UK and all of them did not like or respect the former President and all really like President Obama. So, there is a nice section of the world
  • I agree: He closed the tourter camp, and uses the correct term instead of 'inhance interragion' Got us out of Iraq Helps indivisals. Improves education and jobs. Pluse the world likes him, their for likes the US He became prsident because he cares, not to out do his brother like another president we know of.
  • Totally agree, I live in Italy and it seems to me that Europeans like him. I personally think that in the next years there will be a lot more improvement.

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