• People don't want to work just to answer a is the video..may help some ;) I personally think she is..a nice looking person, I don't find her to be particularly attractive, but thats just a my opinion thing :)
  • I don’t think I’d ever actually seen her before. Looking at her, I’ve got to say that I don’t find her *that* attractive. She’s certainly not ugly, just a fairly normal woman that I wouldn’t be surprised to find in any walk of life. …or is that kind of what you’re getting at?
  • LOL wtf? To me, Jessica Alba has that Natural, Genuinely attractive feature. She looks good even if she has a bad hair day.
  • She is ok...
  • I think she had a unique voice and nobody sounded like her,during that time period,yeah she was attractive but you can't judge her by her looks it's what her voice sounds like is the bottom line.:)
  • 5-27-2017 Just another female. Nice voice, no training in dance.
  • She is one of my favorite performers. Never thought of her as anything other than a singer.

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