• I wouldn't think so. I think in most marriages, if a person leaves, they think hard and long before "coming back". They may try to make the relationship work by not cheating any more (first and only time, or only one person), but it all depends on the one cheated on whether they can forgive (meaning never bring it up again) the cheater. Then, they must rebuild the trust, or I think the marriage would fail. Now, "coming back", to me implies they totally left, meaning, probably, that the one cheated on either kicked them out or left. In this case, IF they "come back" to the other, they will not only have to do the above (be forgiven), but convince the other to take them, or to come, back. The one cheated on will be leery. Both CAN work if both parties want it to, and the one who cheated is truly remorseful and shows they can be trustworthy, and the one cheated on can forgive the cheater. It takes work on both parts, but most marriages take work, anyway. It's up to the two to decide whether it's worth the extra work to get back together.

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