• The closest congregation of the Community of Christ is over 1,000 miles away from where I live; I have never attended one of their meetings.
  • I can understand your curiosity, there isn't one near me but when the LDS independence temple is built I fulling intend on visiting the CoC's temple when I make the trek out there.
  • Can’t say that I have, although I did stop by one of their buildings, one time. in hopes of doing so. Unfortunately, there was no one there at the moment, so I couldn’t get any farther than the door. I have read a great deal of their unique scriptures, though! (Out of curiosity, what is this video supposed to be? I figured it was a CoC thing, but then Brigham Young showed up! What the heck?)
  • There is some difference between Traditional RLDS (conservative) services compared to Community of Christ (Liberal)ones. First, typically traditional RLDS services are held on Sundays and Wednesday evenings. Sundays = Early morning (may have a priesthood meeting) 9:45am (a short 15 minute worship) 10:00am (an hour of church school classes) 11:00am (main worship service w/sermon) 12:00pm (may have a potluck lunch) Evening (may have another worship service w/sermon) Wednesdays = Evening (Prayer/Testimony service) Traditional RLDS don't have women priesthood. Services usually are lead by men holding priesthood, especially in sacraments/ordinances. Clothing more on the formal-side (suits/ties & dresses similar to LDS/Mormon) Community of Christ typically have much more variation in services/times similar to above depending upon location. Community of Christ have women priesthood. Services may include a wide range of man/females, member/non-member and children of various ages involved in all aspects. Clothing ranges the full spectrum (suits/ties, dresses, T-shirts/jeans, shorts) Sacrament or Communion in RLDS & Community of Christ is usually served the First Sunday of each month rather than weekly. Traditional RLDS serve baptized members only, while Community of Christ are 'Open Communionists' or anyone can partake. LDS/Mormon services usually have their major worship service (Sacrament meeting) first, break for an hour of classes & then roughly an hour of priesthood/Relief Society. More than one ward or congregation may meet at the same chapel building and so meeting times may differ between them. Sacrament meeting includes serving sacrament every Sunday and may include 3 different talks (1 man, 1 woman, 1 youth) Time during the meeting may be used for 'Ward Business' to announce members being released from church callings & others receiving new callings/positions. The First Sunday of the month (Fast Sunday) members are encouraged to refrain from eating two meals and the money donated to the church needy. 'Fast Sunday' typically will also have testimony sharing instead of assigned speakers during the service. Having been raised RLDS, I'm more comfortable with RLDS services overall.
  • no, never been to one
  • The RLDS are practicing the true belief structure and religion as dictated by Joe Smith. The LDS practice a modified, I want to not get kicked out of America, version of Joe's religion.

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