• To rent a 2 bed 2 bath house it would cost about $700 to $1000. To buy a home it would cost about $200,000 to $300,000. Coeur d'Alene, ID is expensive. OUCH on the prices.
  • The median house price in Sydney, Australia is close to $500,000 and the average rent for such homes is $400+ per week. For apartments the median is around $400,000 to buy and $300+ to rent.
  • G'day Motoarena, Thank you for your question. I live in Hughes in the Australian Capital Territory. According to, the median price for all properties is $480,000, for houses $505,000 and $184,000 for units. As I live in a unit, $184,000 is the most relevant estimate. I have attached sources for your reference. Regards
  • Where I am in North West London, the rent on my 3 bed semi is £1000 per month. To buy the house I currently rent, it would cost approximately £280,000. Ouch!
  • I am selling my mother's three bedroom house in Surrey, England for £320,000. If it were rented, it would cost about £800-1000 per month.
  • $400,000 and rents range from $1,500-$2,000+ per month.
  • In York, England, the average house price is £181,000, and a nice, central, two bed place to rent is £600 a month. May seem a lot, but compared London.....
  • In a small Nebraska city, an average size house or condo for middle class buyers is just over $100,000 US. Mortgage payments start around $550 US per month. Rental on something similar would be just over $400 US per month.
  • For rental in northern ireland it is £600 GBP and for buying it is an average price of £200,000 GBP very expensive
  • Youcan rent a decent flat here for around £300 a month, sometimes a bit less, sometimes a little more. Depending on where you are here depends on the price. We have from around £41,000 (dirt cheap, but rat's nests) to over £500,000. But my house is pretty average, and it is worth around £180,000
  • average cost in Carrickfergus where I live is £550-£1000 in rental, buying depends on house type, terraced or flats are around £160,000. Semi detached around £185k to £225k Detached ranges from £225k to £800k
  • Where I live it is about $160 to $200 per week for a 3 bedroom house to buy is about $200,000. Acerage depends on where but here 5 acres is approx. $450,00 to 500,000 with house, about $100,000 less without. In the Melbourne and depending on suburb anything from house and land package in new estate for around $200,000+ to 'better' areas closer in about $500,000 to about $650,000. To rent is from $200.00 per week the city apartments start at about $300.00 per week and go upwards ever upwards....
  • In England, our houses are I think on the whole a lot lot smaller than you have in America or Australia for example. The average price of a house is now about £200,000 ($400,000) with a rent of about £600 to £700 a month ($1200 to $1400). That would be a 3 bedroom house. Probably semi-detatched where I live in Cambridgeshire. (Not Cambridge - that is very expensive).
  • St. Petersburg Florida, $200k-$300 to buy, rents from $850 to $1400
  • A medium house I'll say is about 3000 sqft. A new house would run you about 200 grand. I live near Lafayette, Louisiana.
  • Around here (smallish city in Kansas) you can rent a 4 bdrm 1 bath house for about $700 a month, this is for one that has the same wallpaper and carpet it had in 1976. For a nicer place, you would probably spend up to a thousand. To buy an older house, in a not so nice neighborhood, 3 bdrm 1 bath, about $73,000. In a nicer neighborhood, $98,000. In the newest neighborhood, you could pay up to about $300,000.
  • to buy in little old wooster ohio is about $175,000. to rent about $650 - $800.
  • Rent - Nearly impossible; we have practically the only rental property in our town and ours is a single BR under 600 square feet; not a medium place. We pay $800 rent plus $120 heat (on average year round) plus $100 for electricity plus whatever for phone. Buy - Again, not much for medium properties but the smaller places that we do have tend to go for $250K near the lake. The slighlty larger places like ours (which is away from the lake) are a mere $160K. In the nearest town of over 1,000 people, the rentals tend to go for about $900-1200 plus utilities for a 2-bedroom and houses in the county tend to go for $99K for a condemned fixer-upper and $180-450K for anything livable.
  • 936 sq foot condo with 2 bedrooms and in suite laundry and no upgrades, with 40 min commute (non rush hour) to downtown sells for approximately (we checked in January) $235,000. Rent the same place would be around $800+ plus util. Calgary Alberta Canada however in my home town you can get a 3 bedroom house with yard for $80,000. rent the same house for $400 plus util. Small city Saskatchewan Canada
  • I live in michign, and to rent an apartment can be as cheap as 400/month to 900/month. Buying houses depending on the city a 3 bedroom ranch can go from $150,000 plus! But there are a lot of foreclosed homes around me from people losing their jobs and all so you can get a decent house for pretty cheap!
  • Too expensive. House prices around here have risen to rediculous amounts. So much so, I doubt I will be able to afford to buy my first house here. Its sad as it is driving the locals out. Average house price around me would be about £250,000 - £300,000. Stupid!
  • where i live a house is appx. $800.00-1200.00 an appartment is $400.00-600.00 can
  • NYC Rent- 1 bedroom $2,500+(that's if you can find one) Buy - medium size house? Hard to find a house in NY but about $750,000+ for a brownstone Buy- Condo/coop $850,000+
  • to buy a medium house here in s cali its about $425,000 to rent a 2 beroom apt its about $1200

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