• it is deeply unfortunate that his life ended as it did, but we can take comfort in the fact that he is finally at peace
  • Tough luck!
  • he must've been emo
  • At least he succeeded at something.
  • As little as possible, where it refers to the way they died. Discuss their life, and why you will miss them. comfort those who need it. Be diplomatic.
  • Something that captures the life and beauty of the person before they died; a funny story, how you met that person. Something relative, something that others who knew that person can understand and relate to themselves.
  • I'm very sorry for your loss.
  • John shot himself in the head And now John is quite dead or John OD'd on some pills Knowing full well that it kills or Poor John had lost all hope So he hung himself with a rope or John hated life, there was no doubt So he slit his wrists and blood gushed out __ You know, do something catchy like that.
  • "A man may not have more right to anything then his life and his person, but you are sorely missed, and will be in our thoughts, and prayers."
  • Same as I'd say at any other... "I'm so sorry for your loss."
  • You should say the same things that you would say to comfort the family and friends morning any loss. If there is a religious concern such as for Christian families, don't make any additional comment. If someone says something insensitive, you may point out that a loving God forgives our mistakes.
  • You could say that you wish there had been some opportunity for you to help him through his sorrow. Speak about the positive things that his life meant to you and be supportive of others that loved him. Listening is just as important as talking. You didn't mention the age of the deceased, but if he was a teen, please visit This is a wonderful program for knowledge and prevention of teen suicide. Blessings and prayers to you at this difficult time.
  • I had this very experience two months ago. A family matter. I simply shared our similar disappointment and sadness. We are well.
  • Why? .... and why did he do it?
  • Just say how you'll miss the person, and what things remind you of them, and maybe a nice story of how you met or good times you shared.
  • Say what's in your heart. I realize funerals can get pretty superficial at times, but what matters is how you feel about it. :/ Suicide certainly is not to be dismissed, and it will obviously play into whatever speech but, in the end it should be about who they were, rather than the cause of death. It would be too sad for said last moments to entirely define the deceased.
  • You say your sorry. You let them know that if they may need anything that you may be able to help. Then you let them know what a stand up person they were.
  • Unless you're asked to speak, you don't have to say anything except to tell the family how sorry you are for their loss. If you do have to speak, tell how long you've known the decedent, perhaps how you first met, describe some of his idiosyncracies that might be amusing and describe his kind side and when finishing up tell the mourners that just as we are standing here in sadness telling him good bye, there are others on the other shore smiling, waving and welcoming him hello.
  • It's a shame that you were always in a hurry.

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