• it has to be a bit of both, if that makes sense. I mean I'd like it to be simple but still stand out. So that when someone does see it they think, wow.
  • I prefer simple engagement ring. B2C Jewels
  • Simple but different. Not just a dimond and not a big one either. I also wanted my husbands birthstone in it. 5 little stones side by side in the ring, not too big. 3 emeralds and 2 dimonds. Never got it tho. I saw what I wanted before I left Cali. But where I live now, we haven't seen anything like what I want. So we haven't bought it yet. Editing this cuz I found a pic...
  • I like simple. I have really small fingers and big gaudy rings just end up looking funny on my hand. So, the ones that are simple end up looking extravagant on me.
  • I prefer simply unique. I'd rather have something that meant something only to us - it's a symbol of our love.
  • simple :) i enjoy the simple things in life :P
  • Mine looks something like this :
  • depends on one's budget
  • I want mine to be pink with three cuts.
  • Man i was looking for help on what too get my gurl and all i get is simple crud. lol
  • Extravagant and Simple... Depending on the budget... (Simple) Ruby Pear shape stone with diamond accent stones... (Extravagant) Emerald Marquise in middle with a slightly smaller sapphire and then an even smaller amethyst on each side... with an even smaller Onyx stone in platinum...
  • i prefer it to mean forever. it would contain both white and yellow gold so i could wear it with my existing collection.
  • It's not gold, that's for sure. If it's new it's either very simple with no diamonds or jewels whatsoever, or they're embedded in the ring so as not to stick out. It's also not expensive. Or.. it's an antique and very unique looking and one of a kind.. if there's a jewel on it, it's an unusual one for an engagement ring like amber. I'd prefer the latter if possible over the first... I love antique things.
  • My wedding ring set from my late husband are not small. I wasn't sure I would like that. Turns out that I did! If I were ever to marry again, I would be happy with whatever we could afford.

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