• The potentially most dangerous bear is the polar bear.At times they can be aggressive especially if you get to close to their cubs.Theier height standing on all four feet is around 5= plus feet.They are fast runners and we would be like the size a seal to them.they are found in Canada and other northern nations.
  • The Polar Bear In the Arctic
  • I think it is the Grizzly Bear. They are found in the Western Province of Alberta in Canada also in the States.
  • A hungry one?
  • The ravenous one in your home.
  • The Polar Bear gets first place in my book, with the Grizzly coming in a very close second. Of course if you want to get picky about it...almost any MOTHER bear with a cub is looking hard for trouble, and is happy to sort it out personally and up close any time of the day or night!
  • Drop Bears. They live in Australia and disguise themselves as koalas. At night they will drop from the trees onto unsuspecting bushwalkers and eat them, leaving only the backpack, some torn clothes and (bizarrely) a pair of smoking hiking boots...
  • I think they are all pretty dangerous is provoked or rubbed up the wrong way. the moral of the story is: leave them alone to get on with their lives. Even the biggest expert on them was killed by them a few years ago..
  • Polar bear-Antarctica
  • dont kid yourself... all bears are dangerous especially hungry, sick, injured or upset ones
  • the bare bear, which is found at the local Bear Strip club.

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