• There's a Sammy's at the bottom of the hill. Does that count?
    • Ice man
      Not sure what a "Sammy's" is, but I'll say yes anyway. ; )
    • Linda Joy
      'Gentlemen's club' aka titty bar.
  • No, we don't have animals running around here......but I wish we had ....
    • Ice man
      I'll guess you live in a city ? I live in the country and it's quite common for me to see a lot of wildlife around my home. Yesterday, when I asked this question, I had just witnessed 9 deer eating acorns under the big oak tree in my back yard.
    • Abha
      Ohhh..... 9 dears ? I would have seen them only in the tv, I guess. Yeah, I live in a city.
  • not where i live but when i was in resorts i would see deer and elk walking around
  • Foxes, coyotes, mule deer, raccoons, hawks and eagles, ducks and geese. Every once in a great while a bear or mountain lion wanders into town to get tranquilized.
    • Ice man
      I've got pretty much the same, except I haven't seen a bear around here for years. Thanks : )
  • The occasional fox running in between cars late at night. That's all, oh & the birds.
    • Ice man
      Thank you. : )
  • Raccoons and squirrels are pretty much it. Wish there was a moose or two.
    • Ice man
      Be careful what you wish for. We've had a hunter who shot a moose twice and it still had what it took to kick him back, and sent him to the hospital. : )

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