• I think I would tell him/her you are already there and they are your punishment! Little brat.
  • Was this in anger? We say thing's in anger that we really don't mean.Does the child know what "hell" is for? In whatever religion that your family studies,I would try to find out why the child feels this way,if it's due to not getting what he/she wants,I would say "God would'nt send me there for that reason" Try to love him/her regardless of the anger they portray.
  • lol, how old?
  • Depends. What did you do to him?
  • I'd ask them what makes them such an authority on the subject and then destroy them with their own arguments. Same as anyone else.
  • they would think your a bad person...
  • Say no I`m not...Or How would you know?The bible says God is the only one who can judge that.yOU CAN`T TAKE Gods job.
  • Ground him or her for a week.
  • I'd probably tell him, ok, but you're coming with me lol.
  • First knowing me I would get really pissed off ,, then I would tell them go to your room and bring me back an explanation of what hell is to you , , , then when they brought me their explanation I would show them either on the computer or wherever I could show them what hell is really suppose to be like and I bet that child will never say that to their parent again
  • Id simply say.... Yeah your right, now shut up or Ill take you with me
  • I would want to know who told them that, most times when a child says that it is because of outside influences. If older, I expect it, alot of kids and teens are losing all respect for others. I had a 10 year old call me things that you could tell it came from their dad because he said he was going to get his dad to beat me like he does his mom when she "gets out of line". I told him to quit slamming my swing into the wall outside because he was damaging it and the wall and waking my baby, a few months old at the time. I didn't scream or cuss.
  • Does said child have the mark of the beast???
  • I'd say ... go to your room!
  • Was this a "you are going to hell" or "go to hell"? Either way it wouldn't bother me. I would assume he was expressing his frustration over something I was making him do and so long as he did it he could complain all he liked. Of course, he is 22 now and unlikely to say that lol
  • Kids get mad :O depending on the age....I can take a lot of flack from a sassy little 12 yr old who isnt sure if shes a girl or a woman.... I would let them flip, then I would talk to them after they settle down, my kids know what hell is, and what heaven is, so I would assume that I did something they think is really unfair.
  • That depends on my footwear at the time 1. Barefoot= pick him up body slam him on his bed and smack him with the nearest stuffed animal. 2. Sneakers= a foot to the face, not hard just enough to knock him down The above is if it was a small child. Below 16yrs of age or above 1. Any Footwear= Super Kick to the face. (Parody Answer, I do not accept any form of child abuse.) Just Spank him.
  • either: oh believe me, since I've got you I am there already. Or: go to your room and read the bible. when you're done come back and I bet you'll have to tell me something.

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