• YES! will you? Hmm.. I bet my comment light will stay on though - it refuses to go out at the moment. PS - do i have to turn the fridge off too?
  • That's today right? What time does it start? Im in the US at EST
  • A person wouldn't support Earth Hour because of how badly it smells of public relations ploy on the part of some celebrities, or that it appeares to be tokenism. I, personally, would support self-aggrandizing celebrities shutting their pieholes for an hour. That's definitely worth turning off my lights.
  • It's tokenism. Unless it changes your everyday actions.
  • It's inconvenient and pointless.
  • It wouldn't be convenient if we shut off all the lights. Just leave one of the lights on doesn't hurt anybody.
  • No I would support spending money on R&D to eliminate our dependence on oil. It should have been done 20 years ago. All building and homes should have had high efficiency solar panels on them by now.
  • NO! Because I think it's hypocritical unless you go out of your way EVERY hour (from now till you die) to be so eco-friendly. I bet many people who are going to do it drive v-8's and buy everything in bulk to save money, not use things wisely. They probably have every electronic one can think of including toothbrushes, throw half of their organic produce away because it went bad, and I doubt they take the time to recycle EVERYTHING in their means, even if it requires making that special trip to a recycle facility.
  • The object to Earth Hour is not to turn off ALL lights. It is to turn off non-essential lighting. About celebrity BS: yes, there is too much of it. However, will you let some loud mouth extrovert stop you from doing what is right? Will you subvert the project just to be rebellious? About EarthHour being pointless: We'll remember you when you whine about brown outs, energy costs, pollution, your childrens' futures..... You know, for all those conservative types who believe that you can live status quo forever: it's you who is contributing to landfill issues, air pollution, water shortages and pollution. It is your big oversized "Mine's bigger" vehicles that take up too much room on the road and in parking lots. It's you using up all the fuel conservative minded people have been trying to save for decades. It's your unrecycled trash that is polluting our water, it's your inability to practice family planning that is over crowding and over taxing the system, and it is your ignorance that will be overcome by the legions of people who have gotten tired of listening to your attempts at finger pointing and not accepting responsibility for what is happening all around you. So don't worry about us idiots who are practicing conservation without you. Head to the mall, exercise your plastic muscle (credit cards), get into debt, let the banks raise your interest rates then blame all those damn liberals for your problems.
  • It would be inconvenient to shut off all the lights as we can't do anything in darkness. Leaving one of the lights on wouldn't hurt anybody.
  • Because I think it's a meaningless gesture. I try to conserve energy every day of the year. On the other hand, this is my choice, but I don't have a problem with other people participating. Some people get more than I do out of sharing in a public event. And it's probably a good conscious-raiser. More power to 'em -- I just don't see the point in participating, myself.
  • Isn't"Earth Hour" being sponsored and promoted by the UN, for the continued awareness of human caused global warming? As in cap and trade awareness?
  • Because it is another pointless tactic to get people to feel like they are contributing something to a good cause, when actually they are not doing anything. What possible benefit would come from sitting in the dark for 60 minutes? How many people who don't have electricity would get it for that hour becasue you gave it up? How much power would be wasted in the powering up processes of millions of TVs, computers, water heaters, furnaces, and lightbulbs, because startup takes more power than running? It is just a feel-good motion.
  • I think it's pointless. Many of us already are using minimum power and turn off things, even unplug them from the wall so they aren't on standby. Why should this PR stunt draw attention and give praise to those that are just now thinking about doing it? It won't change them, it won't do anything in the long run. If people haven't already gotten the message about consuming less, then they aren't by this stunt. But it might make a few feel good for a few moments tonight.
  • It doesn't mean that you shut all lights off and sit in darkness. If your not using the light turn it off. You don't have to inconvence anyone.
  • Is this another of Obama's stupid ideas? I will not participate in a stupid action. If you want to do something get your government to require more nuclear power plants so they don't have to buy power from Canada. It is good business for Canada however. It is the USA's stupid moritoriums on new power plants of any kind that is the problem.
  • I support earth hour and every little thing we do will bring awareness of wasted energy.

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