• Dirty Dancing because it is a sexy and fun movie OR Erin Brockovich to get you blood boiling! Both are my top 2 movies. +5
  • Dirty dancing, I find it up lifting. This is a difficult question to answer as there are so many fantastic movies out there, I picked Dirty dancing as it was the first movie that came to my head, as my sister I would always put on to lift our spirits, which at the time was daily. It seamed to work for us, even now with the revival hearing the music brings a smile to my face, and I have a copy to watch when I need a happy fix.
  • What women want. Its quite funny
  • It all depends on your tastes of course, and some are more for women and some are more for men, or some are made more for specific age groups, so one I think that seems to appeal to most people of all ages etc. is Shawshank Redemption.
  • It just depends on your taste but ive just watched the sex in the city film and loved it but then again ive watched all the series.
  • I love the movie August Rush :)
  • Falling Down. It's cathartic for someone who has had a very bad day.
  • V for Vendeta. Great action, and dialogue
  • It depends how you define good. Again that depends on the individual taste. The most recent movie that touched me was Jean Claude Vandamme's "Until death". It's an old movie 2007 but,I saw it recently and that too by an accident as I had 2 hrs break and alone in my Hotel room. Anthony Stowe,his character name was a die hard and honest crime busting cop.He did his duty with honesty and earned quite a few good enemies. He was separated from his wife and finally decided to get her back when she was pregnant but,destiny has stored something else.He fought a fierce battle with the gangsters who kidnapped his wife to get their job done by him. .. He fought to save his wife and an unborn child till his death(justifies the movie name "Until death"). The closing moment of the movie was a scene where his wife and his baby girl were paying homage to him near his tombstone which had an inscription "Anthony Stowe,A cop and a husband". .. It could make people realize that we never value people in our lives when they are with us but,once they are gone we realize what we have lost.
  • I love the normal movie, in a filmy way, for a time pass!!
  • I love the normal movie, in a filmy way, for a time pass!!
  • I love the normal movie, in a filmy way, for a time pass!!
  • I love the normal movie, in a filmy way, for a time pass!!
  • slumdog millionaire
  • I like Rocky2 cause It's one of the greatest underdog movies of them all.
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It is sweet, whimsical, touching and the good "guy" wins. It also stars Gene Wilder which is all I need to have a good time at the movies! Happy Sunday! :)Oh..and the chocolate..did I happen to mention the chocolate?

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