• my grandma
  • This past December , I attended the funeral of my friend of 31 years who died at the age of 47 due to his heart ... Him and those dammed cigaretts. He'd had a heart transplant 2 years prior ; BUT he STILL would not give up his cigaretts ... I'd known him since he was in the 9th grade at school. Over the years we had lived together off and on , ate together, slept together and I mean SLEEP , tok vacations together ... so I lost a part of my soul .. His daughters, my Godaughters are very fortunate to have had him for a father ... and me; I was xtra fortunate to have had him as a friend.
  • my friend rennae. one week we're kickin it, another week shes gone. all under a small mistake she made on the road.
  • My brother's. He didn't deserve what he got, yet it happened anyway. Fate is cruel indeed.
  • My mother's. 4 weeks after the birth of my first daughter, the first girl born in our family and a girl that my mom always wanted. My mom was able to see her, touch her, and feel her before she died. My mom was the core of our family.
  • My Son's. He only had 33 days here. I thought he got a pretty raw deal.
  • My Grandmothers
  • My son's.
  • My grandpas because we were really close.
  • My mother's. I think that about says it all.
  • Step Dad when i was 13. Step mom couldn't stop wailing, and i couldn't cry.
  • My Father's..I was only 12 years old and he was the best dad anyone could ask for. He taught me everything I know about playing baseball, he was also the manager of our team. We were very close and he taught me how to work hard, and enjoy what you are doing. That was in 1955 and still think about him everyday!!
  • My mom's, it was barely 2 days ago. I still can't believe she is gone.
  • My dad's! He died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 63. It was very hard on me as we were very close.
  • My dads He was everything to me, I was with him when he died, I was daddys girl lol Plus the stupid woman doing the ceremony couldnt get my name right which really made me angry
  • the funeral of my cousins 6 wk old baby. The baby was murdered by her own father. The mother f##### was only given 5 yrs in prison and is walking around now a free man.
  • My son. He was so young and perfect. He was 12, killed by a drunk driver. I miss his smile and the twinkle of his brown eyes.
  • My brothers when I was thirteen, as it was the first one I'd been to, and he wasn't talking to me when he died as we'd been arguing.
  • My stepsons funeral. He was 15 when his mother decided that she needed to keep him tied to her. She loaded him in the car and drove all night (running from a joint custody ruling). She was heading to Mexico with the kid when she fell asleep at the wheel and hit the median wall and rolled the car. The child was killed instantly. It was the hardest thing I had to live through as an adult.
  • My mother. I think it's self explanatory.
  • My fathers, he died when i was 16 - i found him, he died of a massive heart attack. He was my world and i never thought i would cope without him.. but i did. Then last year same thing happened to my mother, we found her on the floor - massive heart attack, i have never been so devastated in my life. To be left with no parents at all, i still cant believe it some days.
  • My mother's funeral was the most difficult for me to attend, as my mother was the most important person in my life.
  • When 1 of my children died as a child, and then a few weeks later, one of my nieces died.
    • Linda Joy
      Bless your heart!
  • Mom's, because a lot of unresolved family issues came out.
  • My friend's son jumped off a 43 story building.
  • My niece's. Funerals should be for old people not tiny babies.
  • My mom's. She wasn't a great mother, but she was my only parent from age two really, sans the stepfathers whose love was all wrong! But at that point in my life (post divorce) she was all I had left. That's when I realized other than God I was completely alone. I was truly on my own.

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