• Women and men have equal rights and women get equal pay when they work equal hours (on average men work 25% more hours). So, what's left? Female superiority and to stick it to men and boys. Modern feminism's got nothing to do with equality. They just say that to sound politically correct.
  • To be a feminist is to want equal rights for men and women. Those who are aiming for superiority are radical feminists, commonly known as feminazis.
  • There are many different forms of feminism. The goals of different groups are impacted greatly by cultural experiences. However, the idea that feminism was ever about "female superiority, or just to stick it to men and boys" is a little insulting. That seems to imply that women have always been treated equally. In my adult life (and I am not that old) I have not only experienced forms of discrimination I have flat out been told I should not have gotten a position because I am a woman.
  • Equal pay for equal work; equal shots at promotions; respect.
  • Many goals: Equal opportunities, equal respect and social status, equal representation of interests, combating discrimination, ending the feminization of poverty, ending violence against women...etc...etc...check the world'll be shocked, there is so much still to do...
  • Feminists mainly want to break the hidden framework of oppression that dictates our life. Sometimes it's not just about liberating women from poverty, violence and bias; check out Environmental Feminism, where the feminist care ethic is extending to our natural world to try and protect it from abuse.
  • to be respected. these are just mine so i wouldn't go by this! be able to play football. have all guy friends and not be made fun of. blah, blah, blah.
  • Equality based on equal contributions, not just because of gender.
  • Implementation & maintenance of equal rights for all.
  • equality..women have minds too.
  • Female superiority, they hate men.
  • nothing much left lets see they still can not go combat arms in military uuuggggg think thats bout it oh and still dont play certain sports. i think should start male'ism why do male always get shorted in court on custody or money when both parents work equal pay? for that matter why do females rarely ever owe or pay child support if they do not get custody? we talkin equal rights here that what femenism all about right minus 2 mentioned things i do not know that much that woman are shut out of anymore i mean clinton(female)was running for office it was toss up between the 2 democrats and was pretty close for a while so like i said wheres the equality in this now today that they are still trying to fight for?
  • I think Feminism has a fatal flaw -- it allows children to exploited as a means of gaining political leverage over men. That's gonna backfire.
  • I'm a guy with two grown daughters so I've always been a feminist. Women don't want to take over they don't want to rule the world. That's a man thing. All I ever wanted for my girls was that they had a fair chance in whatever field they chose. Women have the right not to be abused, they have a right to make their own choices. They have the right to compete, just like the guys. They're married now have their own kids. They have made excellent choices for their husbands and their kids are great. They don't do things exactly like I would but that's o.k. They were raised to be independent and not to let their friends do their thinking for them. They know what they want and they know exactly how to get it. That's all anyone can ask of their children and they are not out to hurt of "stick it to anyone". If anything they're more tolerant then necessary, definitely more than I.
  • Stick it to men and boys. Feminism is anti-equality, pro-misandry.
  • Equality, respect, no more double standards or insulting stereotypes; to encourage women, from a young age, to be independent, to promote sexual equality (no more "slut" calling), availability of birth control and the such, and many other things.
  • Stick it to men and boys.
  • Feminism is about equality of the sexes, anything else is an individuals own agenda.
  • equality. hands down. Why even ask?
  • no they wont, thanks to sexism

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